Halloween Martinis

We’re not going to talk about how it snowed in October (which is very out of the ordinary for my part of the states). We are not going to talk about how Handsome and I hopped in the truck anxious to find a new adventure, drove 2 hours north yesterday just to find that some places actually got a LOT of snow and that entire towns were out of power. Then got not-lost in wide open spaces trying to find a rest stop while my kidneys thought they would explode just to be told to take it somewhere else when we finally did find a corner store. We are not going to talk about the awesome magazine I found dedicated to meat and sausages tucked behind all of the do it yourself, quick and simple, fast and tasteless, Halloween or Christmas inspired magazines on the shelf or how we ended up wasting a great day at the mall (bust). Nope. We’re going to sit back and get our drink on. Why? Because it’s Monday. Because were big kids.

And because it’s the spookiest night of the year, children will be trick or treating, candy will be filling pillowcases and many many parents will be dealing with the sugar high that follows. There are plenty other posts about treats for the little monsters, so this one’s for the mommies, daddies and adults who need a little something something to get them through the night. 😉

Drink responsibly or have someone on standby to make your responsible decisions for you and have a great Halloween.

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  1. says

    I can’t believe you were that close to snow and went to find it! There is something charming about the first snow though we expect it in October I know from our conversation last week, you don’t! I love these photos! Gorgeous and very fun to read at the first of the spookiest day of the year! Boo. Have a great one.

  2. Roxana GreenGirl says

    I can’t believe you drove for two hours to see the first snow! Sounds like a fun day, except the almost kidney explosion part:)
    Happy Halloween Kita! Spooky cocktails!

  3. says

    These all look like a perfect way to spend Halloween to me! And I’m not the biggest candy corn fan, but I’m very intrigued by the Candy Corn Cordials.

    • Kita says

      I would say if your not the biggest candy corn fan – don’t go for this one. I’m not either and tbh, what happens to candy corn as its hanging out in vodka didn’t help my ‘love’ of candy corn any 😉

  4. says

    What fabulous cocktails, Kita! They all are so unique and delicious looking….I don’t think I could decide which to try first. Sorry your weekend was a bit of a bust…so wishing you a wonderful Halloween!


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