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Apple Cider Doughnuts

Apple cider doughnuts are the best way to grab a taste of autumn for breakfast!

Apple cider doughnuts are the best way to grab a taste of autumn for breakfast! \\

Apples have certainly held their own here at Pass the Sushi this fall. With other blogs exploding into the autumnal flavors of pumpkin and other squash it has been hard to hold out – and keep making apple recipes – for as long as I have. We have had pumpkins on our doorsteps for a few weeks, jars of pumpkin filling are lining end caps, and those pesky Hersey’s Pumpkin spice kisses have been mocking me for days.

OK, I maaay have jumped the gun and have something up my sleeve as far as those go. But! I have held out and not created one pumpkin (ignore that last comment) themed recipe yet.

So enjoy the apple cider doughnuts, and maybe a few other apple treats.

Before we know it, we’ll be head strong into November and the holiday season here on Pass the Sushi.

Caramel Apple BreadApple Cider FloatTurkey and Brie Sandwich

Apple Crumble Overnight Apple OatmealApple Upside Down CakeApple Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes

I did not care for the cider glaze (at all). Instead, I mixed some cinnamon and sugar in a brown paper bag and after each doughnut had cooled a moment, tossed them in there and shook. Remember the old Shake and Bake – works just like that.
Apple cider doughnuts are the best way to grab a taste of autumn for breakfast! \\

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Lora @cakeduchess

Thursday 3rd of November 2011

Apple desserts are my favorite and this post has made me very, very happy! These donuts...oh my. Send me some, please:)pretty please?xx


Monday 31st of October 2011

I think these are my favorite donuts in the world or - else - I am heavily influenced by your gorgeous photos.

Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust

Friday 28th of October 2011

Yum, these sound so good. I love apple anything!

BreAna {Sugar & Spice & All Things Iced}

Friday 28th of October 2011

These doughnuts look AMAZING!! I wish could eat one right now! Your other apple posts look amazing too!! I can hardly wait to try them!


Friday 28th of October 2011

oh thank gawd you put sugar on them. that is the onl way i will eat an apple cider donut. These look soooo good. I love the donut holes!