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Tonkatsu Recipe {Quick Dinner Fixins}

Tonkatsu is a Japanese pork cutlet for those of you who are wondering how that made it through spell check. Don’t ask me how to pronounce it… Just come in and get the recipe!

Tonkatsu Pork Recipe \\

Has anyone else noticed that Facebook can make you hate people you would have otherwise not had an opinion of? It seems that no matter what age you are, there is always some sort of drama circulating that you can tap into via one of your 4,792 friends and by God, they want you to know about it.

I’m also shocked when someone’s feelings are hurt when someone drops them on Facebook. I only have like 100 friends and I can’t figure out who’s missing from day to day when the number of friends I have goes up and down, but I’ve seen people who really get offended over it. Personally, if I did notice I wasn’t someones BFF on the World Wide Web anymore, I may take it as a polite hint and move on with my life. A toddler I knew once said, “Build a bridge and get over it”, except when she said it, it was in that adorable toddler talk – awesome.

From a business and blogging perspective though, I love me some Facebook! My shop uses it to communicate with our customers quickly, get friendly chatter going and announce events and sales! For Pass the Sushi I love it because I feel like I get quick comments and great feedback from my “likers” (since its no longer fans…). And we all know how comments are the crack of the blogging world. 😀

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Tonkatsu Pork Recipe \\


Tonkatsu Pork Recipe \\

If you’re wondering why I put this post in the Quick Dinner Fixins category, it’s because it really does come together quickly. Tonkatsu Pork Recipe \\ PassTheSushi.comThere is a little thinking ahead and prep work that you will need to do, like making the sauce and breading the pork ahead of time, but it comes together in less then 5 minutes once you are actually ready for supper.

I served this Tonkatsu with rice and an Asian slaw and the kicker, the BF liked it! I totally wouldn’t tell him what was in the sauce because he would have never tried it, but without knowing, he loved it. Win!

Tonkatsu Pork Recipe \\

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