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Pumpkin Maple Stack Cake

Last week I got to be a kid again. And it was awesome. My dad and I spent the day in Philly, going to the zoo eating out and seeing a concert. It was a blast. I didn’t work, worry about emails, or wonder what was happening on twitter. I was walking around a zoo making sure we didn’t miss anything and pouting because the rhino refused to turn around – for hours. Giant rhino booty does not a good picture make. 

(These pics were all taken with my Tameron Lens – seriously, great investment for a walk around lens. The pics are compressed to fit them on here but I couldn’t be happier with the quality for what I spent on the lens). 

There was a mechanical bull at the place my father and I ate dinner – the fish tacos I got to enjoy without worrying about what my boyfriend was having for dinner, were delicious. And for a band that has been around since my father was a kid – Rush puts on one heck of a show! I was a little stressed about spending the day with my dad, as it’s not some thing we do very often, but I had a blast and can’t wait til our next daddy daughter day.

I’m full grown and lived on my own for quite some time, but to those of you with kids – to those of you who are kids – make time to spend with your family. It’s been great for my father and I as we have gotten older and we are closer then we have ever been. It’s a relationship I am blessed to have and I can’t imagine not having these memories. Work will always be there. Bills will always need to be paid. Shit will always be falling apart. Make the time because when nothing else matters – these moments will.

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This maple stack cake was another day off moment for me. A close friend of the family invited us all over for a BBQ. We brought the dog and everyone pitched in and brought something. I brought the lopsided cake (a product of Handsome helping out in the kitchen and turning the oven off before the cake was done baking….>.>). But hey, it was yummy!


(sorry for the bad image quality – no fancy cameras allowed inside so this was taken with my cell phone)

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