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Black and White Chocolate Brownies

Black and white chocolate brownies are the perfect brownie for chocolate lovers. You get white chocolate and dark bittersweet chocolate in the same bite.

Black and White Chocolate Brownies Recipe \\ PassTheSushi.comHow important is good design when it comes to food blogs? How much of a role does in play in your interest in a site? Personally, I love a clean design but as long as the food looks good, I am not too influenced by the design.

However, the other day I rolled up the sleeves and redesigned the theme for Pass the Sushi. There are more pics, a spiffy slide show and more room for things on the sidebars. Getting used to the change is rather difficult for me but the 5 people I polled said they liked it. What do you guys think?  Do you like it?

Just in case you hate it, I made you some black and white chocolate brownies so we can get over this hump together. 🙂



Black and White Chocolate Brownies Recipe \\

These are black and white chocolate brownies through and through. The white chocolate flavor is rich and delicious. They stayed moist in the middle and I like the chunks of bittersweet chocolate mixed in to even things out. On top of it all, they are quick and easy! I had them in the oven by 8:30 am before my day even started. Enjoy!

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Lauren at KeepItSweet

Saturday 30th of October 2010

the layout looks great and the recipe is interesting with the addition of nutmeg

Beth Jones

Thursday 28th of October 2010

Nice recipe....I like the name.... a bit different from just calling them Chocolate Chip brownies. Nice work on the pictures as well. Cheers Beth


Thursday 28th of October 2010

I like the brownies and your page design. I too like a nice clean layout and black, white and red is one of my favorite color schemes. I was just thinking the other day that I would love to have my kitchen in those colors along with an apple theme. It's that art deco rockabilly look.


Sunday 31st of October 2010

Thank you! I do <3 me some rockabilly.


Wednesday 27th of October 2010

me likes it too!