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Andes Mint Brownies


You know those commercials  this time of year jamming jewelry down your throat? Then there’s the reminder that it really is ‘engagement season’ by the random texts and phone calls I have gotten lately from excited friends who are sharing their good news. But you know what sends me over the top? Facebook rubbing my nose in it. Facebook loves to remind you someone has had a change in their ‘relationship status’ for far too long. I saw it, I congratulated, now go away. But no, every time I log in for the next week, Facebook is going to point and laugh it’s little reminder of all the wonderfully engaged happy couples in my face… Wish there was a way to hide the happy news stream.

Don’t get my wrong. I am happy for my friends and acquaintances on Facebook. I wish them all the best. It’s that in the right hand corner of my news feed is dominated with engagement and wedding announcements for days on end. I get that it’s a huge moment for the people involved, but for me, well maybe I’m just getting bitter. ;P

Today should be a Diggin’ It Tuesday, and it should have been yesterday so I figured while I had this rant stoking I would fire away and resume with regularly scheduled Diggin posts next week. I’m sure the anticipation will kill you.




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