The Black Almond for #CaptainsTable

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It’s full on fast paced action packed holiday season. Deny it if you will, but it’s December and time is flying by this year in a blink and I haven’t been able to catch up. Don’t let the holiday season sneak up on you and your cocktail parties without a fun new drink to serve your (sometimes unexpected) guests.

This cocktail was created by my father during and evening of recipe development with Captain Morgan run for Captain’s Table, a fun program Captain Morgan Rum is hosting through the season. For every recipe tweeted (retweeted and so on and so forth) with the hashtag #captainstable, the good ol’ Captain himself is donating a dollar to help end hunger. Fun recipes, good cause. Yeah, I’m in. Plus, this drink is kind of a hit.

Black Almond Cocktail via

The Black Almond

Yield: 2

The Black Almond


  • 2 oz almond liqueur
  • 2 oz orange liqueur
  • 4 oz Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum
  • 7.5 oz ginger ale


Combine the almond and orange liqueur in a cocktail shaker. Add the spiced rum and a few ice cubes. Cover and shake.

Strain into two old fashioned (rocks glass) glasses with a couple of ice cubes in each.

Top off each evenly with the ginger ale.

Serve and enjoy (responsibly) ;)


Black Almond Cocktail via


  1. Girl, this looks tasty. I need to get me one. Pinned.

  2. Christiane ~ Taking On Magazines says:

    My, my, my, color me all kinds of happy over this one. Tell your dad a huge thanks from me.

    • He’s so excited people liked this drink. He called me from work the other day just to see how the post was doing. (love my papa)

  3. Dranks!!!! YES!! These flavors have me very excited!

  4. GUH…yes please?

  5. Just saw this and once I saw the ingredients, I had to try immediately! Drinking right now on my last day of vacation before back to work. What a sweet treat! Thanks for the yummy cocktail recipe. :)

  6. Cathy Cook says:

    Looks so good!!!must try this one


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