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Pomegranate Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe

With a swirl of fresh rosemary and some fresh pomegranate seeds, we are taking a cult classic to a new level. The pomegranate Moscow mule is ridiculously easy to make and the perfect cocktail for your next winter shindig.


pomegranate moscow mule cocktail recipe by kita roberts on passthesushi


Why are Moscow Mules so trendy?

Maybe it’s all this talk of Russia lately, but it seems like suddenly, Moscow mules went from being a dated cocktail to being on everyone’s happy hour menu. So, we got curious. What’s the deal with the recent popularity of this old-fashioned libation.

First, let’s lay to rest the Russian conspiracy, at least on cocktails, as this one was created in New York in the 1940s unless you believe the dispute that it started in LA with actors. Sketchy origins aside, this cocktail started in the ’40s with a little vodka and some ginger beer.

So, what’s with the comeback?

Moscow mules popped back up on the craft cocktail scene since the cocktail renaissance started. Now that speakeasies and barkeeps with prohibition style skinny suspenders and bow ties are common in every small tiny crossroad town it’s fair to say that a lot of old-school cocktails have resurfaced.

And as far as a cocktail, it’s a fine introductory drink. Like a stepping stone into craft cocktails. And why not, it’s an easy concoction, light to sip and only requires a few ingredients. In a world where every town gets to have its own brewery, I say let the rise of the cocktail revolution keep growing.

Cheers to it all.

pomegranate moscow mule cocktail recipe by kita roberts on passtheushi

Why are Moscow Mules served in copper mugs?

Simply put, because, science.

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No really. Beer drinks are best served chilled and copper mugs seem to be an ideal candidate for holding a cooler temp longer.

Nowadays our copper mugs are served with a metal lining on the inside to prevent any copper dissolving into our cocktails, but still, keep them chilled.

So, next time someone hands you a fancy copper mug and you think it’s all for a show, you can thank them for making sure the fizz stays crisp and fresher longer as you sip on.

There’s also a marketing plan behind vodka companies and copper cups, but let’s keep it to science for now. We don’t want to take all the fun out of this.

pomegranate moscow mule cocktail recipe by kita roberts on passthesushi


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How to make a Pomegranate Moscow Mule

Yield: 1 cocktail

Pomegranate Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe

Pomegranate Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe

A smooth cocktail with a short ingredient list. This Pomegranate Moscow Mule is the perfect starter for your craft cocktail menu. 

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  1. Place ice in copper mug
  2. Pour the pomegranate vodka and pomegranate juice over the ice.
  3. Carefully top the mug off with the ginger beer.
  4. Stir gently.
  5. Add pomegranate seeds and a sprig of fresh rosemary for garnish.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 233Sodium: 20mgCarbohydrates: 26gSugar: 25g

pomegranate moscow mule cocktail recipe by kita roberts on

Pomegranate moscow Mule Cocktail recipe on

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