Grilled Venison Kabobs with Romaine

Grilled Venison Kabobs with Romaine from PasstheSushi

Any more a day can’t go by without one social media network changing things for the better. Every time I think I have one figured out, poof. Facebook makes it harder to see ‘pages’ feeds, google wen’t all time line on me, pinterest changed something (though, I can’t remember what, so it really must not have been that important) and twitter gave us three more characters. Well, #%!… I’m pretty sure our phones can flirt with people on Christian Farmer Mingle without us knowing it and my personal photos can be viewed by all on Picasa. If you are still […]

Biscuits with Creamy Gravy & Sausage


A moment ago, I had the thought to hide the frivolous purchase of yet more ‘props’ I made before my man got home. It isn’t that I didn’t want him to know that I was spending money, I just don’t want to see the eye roll when he realizes there are two more plates to be meticulously piled into the cabinet. The second the thought passed through my head, I realized how ridiculous it was, however, I notice that a lot of my clients are on strict budgets managed by their significant others. I am not talking deadbeats who are gambling money away on magical variant covers that will someday be worth millions […]

Chimichurri Venison Sirloin


We’re meat eaters in this household – I’m pretty  sure that’s obvious to any of my regular readers. I’ll pretty much experiment with grilling, smoking, grinding, brining and roasting any piece of meat but when it comes to steak we are simple. We like our thick cut bone in rib eye grilled to perfection, plain and simple, because really, it doesn’t need anything else So when it comes to sauce on a steak, I’m rather clueless. I always thought sauce was kind of a way to cover up some other flaw in the meal. It wasn’t until recently that I […]

Shredded Beef Sliders with Carrot Apple Slaw


We have a winner! Fooddreamer has won a copy of Baked Explorations from last weeks giveaway! Congratulations and enjoy! The Baked books are amazing. I totally just lost my train of taught because of House. Normally, I am not one to watch TV but I’ve taken to having it on in the background on the nights that Handsome is in school. The problem is I have gotten so used to not watching shows that I really have no idea whats going on or what’s even on. House is easy because someone gets sick, 45 minutes of drama, House cures them. […]

Venison Sliders


I have a weird hobby (seriously, I work at a comic book store, I know weird hobby when I see it). I photograph my food. Now I like to think I am not obsessive or freakish about my hobby but I am 99% sure it freaks my boyfriend out, especially now that I have new lights. Nothing special, just some ‘daylight’ fluorescent bulbs in these metal tin looking things but they sure do light up a room. I’m not crazy, I swear, but the sun is setting way to early this time of year and getting lights was the only […]

Hello Im Kita, and Im a meatatarian.

DSC_0018 copy

(I find the timing of this post ironic only because we are in the process of making new friends (woot!) who are vegetarian and I am learning a lot about it. This post in no way is meant to offend vegetarians in any way. If you have any aversion to wild game or are lacking a sick sense of humor I also suggest straying away from this post. Check out this awesome Twix Tart instead! )   When I was 6 or 7 years old my father pulled in from a hunting trip. It was cold outside and he told […]