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Chimichurri Venison Sirloin

Chimichurri is a fantastic sauce to pair with venison. The fresh herbs in chimichurri help to bring out the best of the venison’s flavor. You’re gonna love this venison sirloin steak recipe.
Chimichurri Venison Sirloin Steak //
We’re meat eaters in this household – I’m pretty  sure that’s obvious to any of my regular readers. I experiment with grilling, smoking, grinding, brining and roasting any piece of meat, but when it comes to steak, simple is best. We like thick cut bone-in rib eye grilled to perfection, plain and simple, because really, it doesn’t need anything else.

So when it comes to sauce on a steak, I’m rather clueless. I always thought sauces like chimichurri were a way to cover up some other flaw in the meat. It wasn’t until recently that I even considered buying a cut other than rib eye to experiment with sauces. Fortunately, we were given some nice venison sirloins that I wanted to use up. I figured that was the perfect start to a little experimentation.

 Fresh herbs, used to make chimichurri sauce //

I didn’t fiddle around with all that extra grilling. I cooked ours to rare, let it rest and sliced it for serving.

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Monday 19th of August 2013

I love this sauce! I make it all the time with venison,. I saw someone uses it on Chicken, I think I will try this over the weekend as I m hosting a family BBQ!


Saturday 27th of August 2011

I grew up on venison, we basically only had that, instead of beef. My Dad was a hunter, still my fridge is still full of venison! I adore venison:-) Your recipe looks fantastic, the Chimichurri sauce looks soooo good! Hugs, Terra


Thursday 25th of August 2011

Great recipe. I am always looking for new ways to cook steak. I really like the chimichurri grilling sauce. It seems much easier and more effective than seasoning the outside and not tasting it as much. I think I will try it with a flank steak though, I've had a hankering... Thanks for the post.