Farmer’s Market Sweet Corn Ice Cream

Sweet Corn Ice Cream from

Back in my days of hocking jewelry to the highest bidder, there was a small Mexican ice cream shop down the street that would often draw my attention. They were always open, always had people in, and always had a variety of flavors that sounded amazing. Sadly, I never did stop in to that small ice cream shop… But lucky me, I found a recipe for one of their famous flavors, Sweet Corn Ice Cream. We have had a great selection of corn coming in this season from our local farmer’s market and I knew with my weekly goal being […]

Corn-Chip Chicken Salad

Corn-Chip Chicken Salad from

Some days I want to quit. I want to pick my bike up and throw it into the woods and never look back. Some time between the seventh or tenth attempt to not get over a log, around the fourth crash things just start to get not fun. I am not pro rider. Heck, I’m not even that skilled of a rider. Bleeding and bruised, I want to quit.   Thursday night, I was there. Angry and discouraged with myself, wondering how hard a nice easy hobby like crocheting would be to learn. Saturday morning rolled around and I wasn’t in a […]

Quick Dinner Fixins: Honey Pork Stir Fry


  This whole week is about bringing the family around the dinner table with fast delicious meals packed with flavors kids will want to try. The hook? They are all paired up with a little of that Disney magic. One of the biggest struggles for a lot of parents is getting kids to try new foods. Putting new ingredients on the table without an eye roll or verbal protest is something I see a lot of my friends struggling with. As I went through the recipes I wanted to make or post, I couldn’t help but pair a few here and there with some […]

Corned Beef and Cabbage


I thought for sure that I would be able to use the last week to catch up on some reading. For those who may not be regulars here, I had my wisdom teeth pulled, and was kind of looking forward to a few days ‘vacation’ from normal duties. But now I feel like I owe everyone a huge apology. A blogging friend of mine asked how I manage my time the other day. Between cooking and getting the posts up (not to mention the dishes) food blogging can take up a large chunk of time. She asked how I returned […]

Sweet and Sour Pork


I’m all about the quick and easy meal from time to time. The king of quick and easy has got to be the stir fry. We love mixing it up and trying new ones and as part of my new years resolutions was to try to utilize more of my cookbook and magazines I knew the moment I saw this one we had to try it! I ripped it out (as per my knew organization process) and added it to the pile.   I’ve never had a sweet and sour anything, but after trying this dish, I’m not sold. I […]

Steak and Udon Stir-fry


New to Pass the Sushi? Don’t miss a moment of randomness! Follow on Facebook and Twitter. The beautiful thing about stir frys is (everything) they come together quickly, they are a great way to pack in those veggies and they are a knockout for the taste-buds. Why I don’t make stir-frys as a weekly regular in this house, I’ll never know because they are a dinner even the most novice chef can succeed at. Not to mention, Handsome’s eyes light up the moment the big heavy iron wok appears and I know he is going to eat more colorful vegetables […]

Pork Black Pepper Stir Fry


My last trip to Trader Joe’s brought home several new jarred sauces that I have been really anxious to try. The ingredients on the back had me excited things were more healthy then other jarred options and the flavors on the labels seemed promising.Often, I’m not a fan of pre-made options (we all know homemade just tastes better) but some nights having shortcuts lined up in the pantry is just what you need – especially if you hide them next to the strong liquor. Inspired by a post that in hindsight looks nothing like what I have created here (really […]

If the grocery store gives you the creeps, gtfo.


Normally I wouldn’t post a ‘review’ about a grocery store. I think they change from one block to the next and it really has to do with the location and staff. Today – being my 3rd time in this particular store – I realized I had discovered the Pathmark where groceries go to die. I am a daily grocery purchaser. I like things fresh and to use them. I don’t like $100 grocery bills and wasted food. ACME is expensive, but next door. The food is usually always good if I’m willing to pay the premium. Safeway, aka Genardis, is […]