Salmon Cakes with Slow Cooker Parmesan Risotto

Salmon Cakes

Bet you’re thinking, “She’s a food blogger, course she’s planning some stellar sort of knock your socks off and right into bed Valentine’s Day meal.” Well… Let me disappoint you. I’ve got nothing. No fancy chocolaty molten dessert, no candlelit dinner, no Etta James to set the mood. I don’t even know what I’m making yet and there is nothing thawing in my freezer. To be perfectly honest, I’m thinking of a great little pizza place that may just fit the bill. Beer, pizza, and later that night some Archer to really set the mood. Hopefully, you are all far more prepared then myself and have […]

California Cioppino


I am in need of some serious house cleaning. My house isn’t dirty or anything, there is just some clutter right now. Clutter apparently drives me coo coo for cocoa puffs. There are cooking magazines and notes on recipes in one corner of the living room, read and unread books in a pile near the bed, and a shameful pile of shoes that need to be put away until next summer in the near the closet. Halloween needs to come down and I need to prep the small assortment of Thanksgiving decorations I have before the barrage of Christmas decorations […]

Grilled Miso-Ginger Salmon & Doris


  A few weeks ago, from four rooms away – while blow drying my hair – I heard what sounded like an semi truck parked in front of our house. I went to investigate finding that the over sized truck was actually my refrigerator… Not good. Being female, I couldn’t find a way to express this to my boyfriend without him believing I was exaggerating so the other day I redeemed some points when I got a phone call saying the fridge sounded like it was preparing for taking off and that we were in need of a new one. Ha! So, […]

Asian Salmon Sliders


As you can tell, I am prepped and ready to do a whole lot of nothing on Easter Sunday. It actually sneaked up on me without me even realizing the big family get together was this weekend. Normally, I love savoring the idea’s of which foods we will be enjoying and dividing up the dishes. This year we had plans to put a new garden in on Sunday… until I realized we already had plans. Last year we celebrated with a week of Easter candy packed awesomeness but as far as this year goes, thank goodness I remembered to post that carrot […]

Grilled Salmon and Bicycle Races


I’m a slacker. Or at least that’s how I feel compared to my blogigaty friends who are running marathons and hiking across the Appalachians while juggling jobs and busy lives. It’s not that I don’t like a hike, a great game of wiffle ball or a big wheel race through the park, it’s just that everything else always seems to take priority. Handsome started the last two years saying he would run again, we would go to the gym and we we’re going to make efforts to be more healthy. But we’re those people that just take up space the […]

Almost Meatless Monday with Salmon Chowder


As part of being more health and environment conscious in 2011, I am going to incorporate fish into our diet once a week. I am aware that there is much more I need to research – baby steps – but maybe, with gradual changes here and there, this household of carnivorous will even try a meatless Monday. Smoked-Salmon Chowder Recipe from Time for Dinner by “Pilar Guzmán, Jenny Rosenstrach, and Alanna Stang ” Seen on Project Foodie active time: 15 minutes| total time: 30 minutes | serves: 6 Ingredients: 1 tablespoon olive oil 3 medium leeks (white and light green […]

Dill Rosemary Salmon


Is it just me or has the fish at the market been an epic fail lately? Personally, I generally believe in buying fish from a fish market and not a big box grocery chain, but the closest one is a little out of the way for weeknight dinners at the moment. I’ve been eying up the fish at the local grocery stores lately and it all leaves something to be desired. Thin flimsy cuts are scattered loosely through the case to fill the space. After a few nights of throwing in the towel and  figuring something else out for supper, […]

Waiting on water to boil…


We take a break from our normal cooking blog for a special announcement. Here are some musical groups/bands that if you enjoy music (mainly if you enjoy country) you should really keep your eyes and ears open for. All of the musicians listed below make me want to get in the car and take a long drive just to hear them play at whatever bar or stage they are on for the night. Ah, what it would be like to be able to live that spontaneously….. Julie Roberts – Julie Roberts sings classic country songs about heartbreak and love with […]