Quick Sopaipillas with Chocolate Sauce & Mexican Recipe Round Up

Sopaipillas A

Weekends are for this… And because I’m awesome, some of this… This weekend in particular should be filled with savory Mexican dishes Gringo Enchiladas Sangria Pops Steak Fajitas with Chimichurri and Drunken Peppers Chile Colorado Conchinita Pibil Mini Churros  Pork Tinga Refried Beans, Guacamole, Carnitas and more!   And of course, Free Comics! Please click here to find out more about Free Comic Book Day events in your area. Comics are a great way to get kids to read and most stores try to make it a family friendly event. We go hog wild, so if you are in the area, or […]

Apple Cider Doughnuts


Apples have certainly held their own here at Pass the Sushi this fall. With other blogs exploding into the autumnal flavors of pumpkin and other squash it has been hard to hold out – and keep making apple recipes – for as long as I have. We have had pumpkins on our doorsteps for a few weeks, jars of pumpkin filling are lining end caps, and those pesky Hersey’s Pumpkin spice kisses have been mocking me for days (ok, I maaay have jumped the gun and have something up my sleeve as far as those go…). But! I have held out and […]

Fluffernutter Wontons


Remember when I deep fried lasagna and peeps (and pretty much anything else I could get my hands on) when my friends gave me a deep fryer a few months back? Yeah, I’m not exactly over that joy yet. Now, remember the joy of a peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich from your childhood? I didn’t, but a recipe I was making recently had me licking the spoon from a jar of fluff and there I was, 6 years old, play-dough in one hand Hi-C in the other while trying to not make a huge mess enjoying that special treat […]

Redemption with Fried Pot Stickers


Things may look all peachy keen when you come to visit Pass the Sushi but my kitchen is like everyone else and some days things just don’t work out. Those days are always when we have company. Of course, witnesses. And always when I’m serving pot stickers. Go figure. When I make these for Handsome and I, they are perfect. Wonderful little steamed pockets of ginger spiced pork. When my parents are headed over and I need to put something together in a pinch – they all froze together and wont come apart. When Handsome’s cousin is coming over and […]

Bringing back the Filet-O-Fish, Fried fish and Rosemary Potatoes


If you hadn’t noticed by the filet-o-fish being back on the menu at every local chain, it’s Lent. Now, I’m not Catholic (so not Catholic that my Catholic grandmother threw ‘holy water’ at my infant self calling my a ‘Pegan baby’. That’s right, I’ve been trouble since before I could talk. Whether that story is true or false I’ll never know, but my father was not Catholic and my mother from a very strict Catholic family so I can see it causing some problems). Even though I’m not Catholic, I know a lot of people use the season of Lent […]

Kiss the Cook for Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc Fried Chicken


I just saw a Stouffer’s commercial for their skillet meals for two. Now, as much as I love to cook, my weeknight meals never inspire flowers, music, or wine. The commercial makes me feel like I should stop cooking so damned much so that maybe when I do cook some awesomeness (or in the commercials case a decent prepackaged skillet meal) would get a romantic reaction of some sort. Who am I kidding…. Romance isn’t necessarily something Handsome specializes in. Yes, I know the above paragraph makes me sound like a brat, but who doesn’t want a random flower, a […]