Sunset Grilling – Caramel-Brandy Mushroom Sauce

Tonight we were blessed with perfect grilling weather so I pulled out some rib eyes and started working on a goal of mine which is sauces. I am personally not a fan of sauce on steaks, most of the time I think the flavor of the meat should be simple enough to stand on it’s own, but I do believe a sauce can enhance a good meal every now and then.


This recipe was to be prepared with pan seared filet mignon that gets placed in the oven to cook – but like I said, it was too nice not to fire up the charcoal.

This is a sweet sauce (obviously) so I didn’t enjoy it over the rib eye. It was a little too sweet and seemed to overwhelm the flavor of the steak (I lost that simple meat flavor) so I would recommend it on a less flavorful cut. The rib eye seemed to ask for something just a bit more savory.

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