Spinach & Steak Salad

Steak Salad from PasstheSushi.com
Things are picking up as spring is looming in the distance while cold temperatures seem to hang over us. Spring isn’t sprung… it’s more like a slow creep this year. But that’s not stopping us from pulling the bikes out, still putting the layers on and pedaling. We rode Friday night for an hour. I’m still getting steady on the bike in the way that I was last year. Handsome, who is naturally gifted and raised in a more wooded area is natural and comfortable dodging limbs and launching himself over logs in the tight turns of the trails. Me, not so much. But I’m much better than when we started. Friday night, I took one hell of a topple (backwards and upside down sort of thing  – the internet has no time for humility) down a pretty ragged bridge. One packed with large stones (does this help horses?  Who thought stones jutting out of concrete was a good idea?) and although I picked myself up and continued to ride for the better part of an hour, I can admit I was pretty sore later.

Sunday morning we picked up and headed out for a great two hour ride where I got to go all Matrix and catch my bike after I went over the handlebars before it smacked me in the face. Winning. No seriously, the bike did not hit myself.  I’ll take it! But the rest of the ride was great, pace was comfortable and my legs loved the time outside. Today we start looking down the stretch of an upcoming race and a 5k. Things are about to get a little more intense as we push ourselves harder. You know, jump higher, run fast, leap tall buildings in a single bound and all that jazz.

Which brings us full circle back to salad Mondays. Can you hear the enthusiasm .. No.  Neither can I. But hopefully by doing this we will learn to love salads and work them into our diet more often.
Steak Salad from PasstheSushi.com

Steak Salad from PasstheSushi.com

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    I don’t serve red meat often, but my boys do love their red meat. I’m thinking this would be a great way to get them to their veggies too ;).

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    Way to pick yourself up after such a big fall, two big falls? At least the bike didn’t land I you, total winning. I can’t wait for warm weather for biking, I’m a cold wimp. Running in the cold, okay. Biking? Too much wind chill! :)


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