Smoked Brisket Burgers

Things are starting to heat up around here, and as much as I would like to hold out until the first official day of summer, I think we will be kicking off my weekly grilling series a full month early.

I never realized how solar powered I was until this year. It seems the moment the sunrise peeks across the sky and the birds start to sing, I can’t bring myself to sleep any longer. I am waking up earlier, working later, and have more energy then the cold dark winter months. Is it possibly to be dreading autumn already?

This was all set in stone the moment I got my first whiff of a far off charcoal grill, I knew it was flame on for me. The time of year when I take a freezer inventory and try to manipulate all of my recipes for the grill or smoker. When I first saw these burgers over at Crumb, I’m pretty sure I had to wipe drool off of my key board. I staked the beef aisle until a cheap smaller brisket happily landed in my cart and got down to business.



  1. I am the same way – sun is up and there is no way I can sleep. Certainly, the smell of these burgers would do it too!

  2. I don’t mind the early mornings since we have room darkening drapes, but I’d not like waking up at 4am in July and definitely wish Dudette didn’t have your solar thing going (I think she even absorbs the energy!). I do definitely love grilling as well and am so excited about the season. Your burger looks amazing. I wish I had a grinder attachment. Heck, I wish I had the KitchenAid to attach it to. I’ll have to live vicariously through you until then.

  3. It must be going around because I’m the exact same way – sun is up before 530 now – or it’s at least bright out and I can’t sleep anymore. I hate it! But I’d really like a burger asap ;)

  4. Oooo smoked brisket burgers!! How amazing…they sound and look mouthwatering!

  5. i could soooo go for one of these burgers right now, it sounds so delicious!

  6. Nothing says summer more than a flame grilled burger! Delicious!

  7. This is why I love our room darkening drapes hehe.

    I have seen burgers that used ground brisket as the meat and I have to say, this sounds amazing!

  8. Wow, these burgers must be so fabulous…smoky, tender and so flavorful! I’m loving the longer days, too….and this day would be perfect if I had eaten one of your burgers for dinner!

  9. This looks so delish Kita. I love grilling too. It’s fun and saves my a/c. Lol. Love Crumb, Isabelle is a total doll.

  10. LOVE!! ANd that means a lot from me as I’m not much of a burger fan. I’m with you on the earlier mornings! I’ve been waking at sunrise to the birds as well and have been happy to start my day.

  11. I’m so glad you liked these! They’re a lot of work compared to basic supermarket ground beef burgers, but it is soooo worth it. Yours look so perfectly beefy and juicy, too.
    We’ve been grilling up a storm for the past couple of months because we’re crazy Canadians. :) It helps that we just upgraded to a big ol’ kamado grill this year, mind you (compared to the cheapie tin-can smoker we had last year)… I can’t wait to try these burgers again on a proper smoker.

  12. It is crazy how much more I can get done when it is not dark out at 5pm. I love the light. Great burger. Grilling is one of the best parts of summer.

  13. love it. brisket burgers are all the rage but adding smoke to it, great idea. i will definitely try this one.


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