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Braggin’ Rights Smoked Brisket

There’s an art to smoking meat. The perfect spices for rubbing the meat, a good cut of meat, and most important – smoke. Which wood to choose? How long to smoke? How big does my smoker need to be? Yeah, there’s a lot to learn when you want to take on the challenge of smoking, but I’m here to tell you, don’t let any of that bother you. It’s easy.

Smoking meat is an art, but an easy one. Choose a nice cut of meat, lather it with some rub (store bought it necessary) and pop it in the smoker. Don’t over think it! Even on my worst days, I still get an amazing meal when I use my smoker. Sure, the smoke ring may not be perfect, them temp may have been a little off, but the only way to get better at smoking food is to keep trying!



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Tuesday 17th of June 2014

Everyone needs to smoke their own brisket at least once in life. It is a labor of love and you taste it in every bite.

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