Slow Cooker Loaded Bratwurst Stew

My comic shop is located in a college town. It makes for a diverse customer base from our long term locals to the passing through collector. But for the past few weeks we have had an onslaught of atypical purchases – a wide variety of students – because they have an assignment in which they have to read a comic and assess if the rating on the cover is appropriate for the content within the pages. I really wish I could read a few of these papers when all this is said and done.

Seeing as we have had an influx of non-comic fans who still believe comics are read by scrawny kids with thick goggle like glasses and the ‘comic shop guy’ from the Simpsons, you can imagine some of the things I have over heard. Sure, from day to day it can sound like an episode of The Big Bang Theory in here, but some of the things I’ve recently overheard have me concerned for my future well being. From hearing how painful and arduous stepping foot into an actual comic shop is to ones reputation, classy phone conversations about whether or not to ‘tap that’, to people asking me to do their homework for them (seriously, this one girl asked me to do her homework).

The winner though: “So, I was in Russia, ya know, with that thing, and I was trying to watch my shows, but they were all, like, in Russian.” How dare those Russians speak their native language on their public television system. Damn them.

Am I happy that out of 250 students, a few of them may have discovered a comic shop. A place they can come and enjoy their hobby, or a place they may have never known about and want to come back to again. For the other 249, I can’t wait until this homework assignment is due.


As for this stew, it doesn’t take a college education to figure this one out. It’s light and healthy. Feel free to add more seasonings to spruce up the flavor. Personally, it was a little bland. I would use a real bratwurst and cook it in a skillet before adding it to the crock pot for future remakes of this recipe just to add a bit more flavor to the broth.


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  1. Tanya C. says

    Stew looks incredible! It’s been so cold it would be the perfect meal to warm everyone up. We also live a college town, and anxiously wait for them to leave every year! You can always tell when they start arriving, the accidents increase and driving on College Rd, becomes way too dangerous.

  2. says

    Oh man, this post has been sitting in my google reader for a while now, lonely and unread, because I kept skimming the title as ‘beetroot stew’. And I’m ALWAYS on board with your flavour ideas, but slow-cooker beetroot stew I just couldn’t get behind. Then, when I realised it was bratwurst – hurray! Yes, this looks lovely!

    And what a cool assignment to have been given! What subject do they do? (My degree is in History of Art so I’m totally fascinated by this idea)!

    • Kita says

      I have no idea what class it’s for. Based on the class size, I’m thinking a 100 level but they haven’t said which.

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