Quick Dinner Fixins: Taco Salad

With the sun creeping up earlier and earlier I find that I naturally get up earlier and earlier. But waking up before the sun – so not my thing. This weekend was our first race of the season (and by our I mean his because I’m a big pansy and didn’t want to race previously adventured territory). The race started at 8:30, you should be there an hour before to get your info and get ready. The race was an hour and some odd amounts of minutes away. If you are doing the quick math – we are talking leaving at 6. Which means there was waking up and getting ready to be done before hand. And so, the alarm clock went off at 5. Tons and tons and tons of people wake up every day at 5 or before for work and kids and things. And I give them mad credit. But I don’t have to and don’t have kids so I’m not used to this and think its weird and unnatural to be turning lights on every which way in the morning just to get my first cup of tea.

Needless to say I was in bed by like 10PM. And then again the next next because my schedule was all off wake and I woke up at a silly hour all antsy to get up and move so I rode 5.5 miles and ran 3.5 miles. And today, I’m trying to get back to schedule. You know, lazy until the sun is in full swing and not running until its a wee bit warmer out. Cuz (as previously mentioned) Im a big pansy like that.

For those awesome loyal returning readers who know I was struggling to find a new theme for Monday posts anxiously waiting for me to get to that point – here it is. Salads. Yeah, toot that kazoo now. I think I knew it was going to be salads weeks ago. We need the swift kick in the butt to change some overindulgent eating habits for the now competitive bike season. But I DO NOT like salads. I love vegetables. I drink a spinach smoothie every day. But the idea of chewing away at lettuce for my entire dinner. Forget that. But really, we need more veggies and to lighten up dinner (at least once a week) so salads it is. And now that I’ve blogged about it, I have to stick with it. So here comes 12 weeks of me kicking it up in the salad department and making delicious tasty mouthwatering I could really eat that for supper salads. Welcome to Mondays.


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  1. says

    I’m not a big fan of salads for dinner either, but I can totally get behind this one! Also, early race mornings? So not my thing. We’ve had several 4 am wake-ups for summer triathlons, and I swear, so brutal.

  2. Andy says

    Love Monday’s theme!!!!! I love salads! This will sound odd but they keep me grounded. I love all kinds of food but veggies in a salad help me stay true to who I was growing up. I work my garden every year to try and grow something new every year. I usually have a salad of some sort everyday. Here’s the kicker: I hate salad dressing! Never have, never will. The taco salad looks great but I would never put a dressing on this, or any other salad.

  3. says

    I love this theme! I’m always looking for new, kicked-up salad recipes. Plain ol’ lettuce just isn’t fun, and it will never be fun. This salad, however, has me drooling. I don’t do that often (over salad, at least), but here I am drooling. Yum!

  4. says

    I do love a salad that has at least 50% lettuce and 50% other things. Good things like the ingredients in your salad! I loooove taco salads but only if there are chips involved. This salad is ideal!

    Getting up at 5 would be painful, in fact I would rather stay up the entire night before! And break down in a puddle of tears from lack of sleep before noon…

    I totally agree about the whole mayhem of turning lights on and getting ready before it’s light out. I’m glad Tay can get herself started before I even get up. :)

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