Quick Dinner Fixins: Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich

If you’re anything like me there is a mountain of turkey, mashed potatoes and other heavy (delicious) foods headed your way on Thursday – so I’m doing everything I can to keep it simple in the kitchen before hand.

Well, this isn’t as far away from poultry or kinda heavy as I have mandated for the rest of the week, but it was pretty tasty and fit the simple requirement.

Here;s a shocker for you, I have never ‘fried’ chicken before. Why not?! I have always thought it to be way to unhealthy, soggy, and time consuming (not to mention in these parts the only thing that counts as ‘fried chicken’ is KFC, and well, ew). This was awesome! Crispy, golden brown and delicious! I could have just eaten the chicken alone (and probably did eat more than my fair share). The whole sandwich came together super quickly and was rather filling. I had everything done and ready in less time then it took the quick oven fries to be done.



What I did different:

The only thing I knew about “fried chicken” is to soak the chicken in buttermilk, so I did, over night.

We don’t care for mustard so it was a 2 tbs mayo, 1 tbs mustard mixture for us. It was just enough tang for our taste buds.

We were fresh outta Swiss cheese, so I used American (don’t hate me).

I left the sandwiches un-topped when in the (toaster) oven, laying the tops next to them, so that they would brown a little.

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