Quick Dinner Fixins: Artichoke Chicken Pasta

It was another late night dinner when Handsome got home from school at 10pm. I always feel bad because he doesn’t often get a lot to eat during the day and being a hard worker, I want to make sure he at least gets one good meal a day. Not to mention, he loves himself some artichoke (not sure I do). I have never really worked with artichoke, and the few times I’ve had it (canned) it seems bitter and a little grainy. So, with no real idea of whether or not this would work, I went town in the kitchen.

I really had no idea if this dish would work or not, but I was impressed with the end result. It was rich and delicious. The lemon in the chicken really stood out, which was great because I was afraid the cream sauce and artichoke would over power it. It looked super fancy and really only took 20 minutes to pull together. Quick and tasty – that’s what we’re talking about.


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