Peanut Butter Brownies

I’m pretty certain that I discussed on here and in the past how I believe in Christmas magic I’m still a fan of Santa and yeah I still send a letter to the North Pole every year. I realize this is probably uncommon in an adult, but as I passed an elderly woman the other night in the market who was humming Christmas carols out loud to herself, I couldn’t help but smile and believe in Christmas magic. Maybe it’s naive to believe that the month of December brings out the best in people, maybe it’s crazy to think that the holidays bring out a sparkle that is hidden the rest of the year are maybe it’s sad because we should have it all year long, but the moment that turkey was carved on Thanksgiving I could smell in the air.

It’s the way you can tell it’s going to snow day or two before and how the child inside you can’t help but remember the anticipation


of schools closing the adventures you are have as a white flurry filled the air. There’s just something


magical about it. It’s not the presents you’re going to wake up to, it’s the hunt for the surprises for everyone else. It’s bringing out the stockings embroidered with names long ago. It’s the memories that each and every ornament hung on the tree symbolizes the moment shared with loved ones in the past and more to come in the future.

I often don’t like to decorate to soon in fear I may burn myself out or somehow spoil the Christmas magic and then I remember there’s only one month between Thanksgiving and the new year to enjoy the festivities. (*See my petition earlier this week to move the holiday’s back a month).  So it may sound crazy but next year I think I’m in bust out the holiday decorations on Black Friday and get the most out of this season as I can, because I believe in Christmas magic and it’s not just one month long.


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    I like the Black Friday decorating idea – if it makes you happy, why wait? I am one of those people who finds out ahead of time when the radio stations are going to start playing Christmas music so I can tell all my friends (most of whom don’t care). I say, do what will make you feel the Christmas magic, no matter what other people say, and no matter what time of year!

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    Whatever magic was lost as I aged has returned full force with a Dudette in the house. She’s provided the pixie dust that was needed to make everything glitter again. It’s been fun. Of course, with all these amazing baked goods, I’ve been stacking up piles of recipes that I know the family will love. Dudette and Hubby will go crazy for these brownies. Both are chocolate and peanut butter fiends.

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    I’m loving the sentiment of this post as I try to get in the Christmas spirit–it’s hard when there’s nobody around to get me excited about the holidays! And also these brownies are fierce…chocolate and peanut butter, always a surefire combo. :)

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    I love this post–Christmas magic, snow days, and of course peanut butter brownies! All my favorite things :) These look insanely good, Peanut butter has got to be the best thing ever!


  1. […] If you want to try the recipe, you’ll find it here. I was too tired to take photos, and it was dark and the lighting in my kitchen is completely atrocious. We’ll give that a go tomorrow. Trust me, they were freakin’ awesome. You’ll definitely need plenty of cold milk, as the peanut butteriness was at bliss levels. I’d perhaps cut back on the butter just a bit in the peanut butter bit. It was a little too wet. Still completely amazing, though. […]

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