Pancake Cupcakes with Maple Frosting and Candied Bacon

I am not big on breakfast foods. I really don’t like to eat before noon for some reason and, if I do eat breakfast, I want something like steak. Most breakfast foods to me are very sweet and sugary and pretty much send my palate into overdrive first thing in the morning. However, after seeing the words “Candied Bacon” in Bon Appetit the other day, the first thing that came to mind was breakfast goodies – and cupcakes.


Seriously, candied bacon sprinkles? Yes, please. The final product, pancake cupcakes with maple frosting and candied bacon on top. After a few minutes of google certifying that this wasn’t a silly idea, I got to baking.




Let me just tell you, candied bacon is everything you dream it could be. The sweet sugary mix with the crunchy salty bacon is pure heaven.
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  1. Jason & Angie says

    Keep in mind that this is from my wife and I. We are in complete awe as to how this cupcake brought the taste of breakfast into our mouth(s) much in the same way Jelly Belly’s recreate complex flavors in a single jelly bean. Our only change would be to not candy the bacon. We feel that this would bring out the salty aspect that would put this delight over the top. However, we’ve never had candied bacon and it was fantastic too.

  2. sweetie says

    is that the correct amount of flour in the cupcakes? it only says “1/2 cups flour.” i imagine it’s 1-1/2 cups, no? also, what is the quantity yield?


    • Kita says

      Thank you so much for noticing this! The recipe actually calls for 2 1/2 cups flour. I may reduce that to 2 cups though in hindsight because mine were a little more dense then I prefer for a cupcake.
      I got 14 fairly large cupcakes out of this recipe.


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