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Breakfast Burgers & Bloody Marys

Men, I have a question for you. What did women do that every time you try to compliment a member of the other sex, you have to follow it up with a long explanation or apology? Now, I’m not talking those sleazy low brow attempts that I get while trying to check out at the market. I’m talking about genuine compliments.

Today, a male client of mine asked if I lost weight then immediately started to explain that I hadn’t needed to lose weight and wasn’t fat before. This explanation turned into a 5 minute apology, all before I had uttered a word.

So what gives? Have years of female empowerment ruined any innocent comment from ever just passing by in conversation? Or do ladies whip out a shank in self defense any time a man pays them a bit more attention? I’ll leave it at that and let you chime in.





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