Maple French Toast & Bacon Cupcakes

Want to streamline your baking, speed up your cooking and spend less time in the kitchen? Check your salt situation before you start baking…. Oh and check your eggs too. Because when you look at a recipe and think there is no way that there is 30 minutes of prep work, know that the author somehow knew that you were going to have to stop a quarter of the way through to run out for salt… Then again half way through when you realize you only have two eggs left in the fridge.
In other words, use some common sense and check everything before you start…. A lesson I should have learned long before I made not two but three trips to the market today…

Three trips…  Seriously.



  1. Wow, these sound amazing! I remember drizzling maple syrup on my bacon when I was in college – this recipe brings back those memories!

  2. LOL! Three visits? I was just hoping your store was pretty close by, LOL! Thank goodness if I have a day like that, which I have, my grocery store is half a mile from home:-) Love your Cupcakes, they look sooooo good. Seriously, bacon and maple are so perfect together! Hugs, Terra

  3. Oops. I hate it when that happens. But if this came from that…it was worth it! This is dreamy!

  4. Yes oh YES PLEASE!! Kita could you send a dozen or two over my way PLEASE!!

  5. I can’t apply frosting to save my life! I admire your talents. I’m imagining how sweet and French-toast like these cupcakes are contrasted by the salty bacon. Yuuummm…

    I hate having to make multiple trips to the store. :( I’ve almost gone to the neighbors house for eggs before. Almost. We don’t have that kind of neighborhood.

  6. I think I’d run to the store 10 times if it meant that I was able to make these cupcakes!!

  7. oh my this looks and sounds amazing!!!!

  8. I don’t why I can’t use bacon, it’s just that I see it on the cupcake and start thinking on scramble eggs and sausage, this is something I have to change in my mind because these cupcakes look wonderful.

  9. I want to die right now looking at these.

  10. That is the worst – running out of ingredients while baking! I’m shocked you didn’t give up when you had to make a second trip. Glad you didn’t quit.

  11. I feel like that happens to me in the kitchen way too often! Last week I ran out in the middle of making soup, that was fun.

    Anyway, these look amazing!

  12. This cupcake sounds perfect to me. I would eat bacon on most things. I forget stuff all the time and always run back to the store it drives me crazy especially since I take a list with me. How that works I have no idea. LOL.

  13. Oh girl, you know we’ve all made that mistake before. You should have made handsome go out to fetch for supplies =) I always make Andy do it for me!

  14. Absolutely gorgeous photos! I know my daughter would go NUTS for these guys, but I think I”d have to let her have my bacon.
    I went to the fridge to make my cheesecake the other day knowing we had cream cheese only to find my son had eaten a good portion of it on the dozen bagels he had been eating all week!!

  15. These look amazing!! What a genius recipe, breakfast in a cupcake, I love it! The bacon on top looks awesome too. And I hate when I run out of ingredients, it drives me crazy!

  16. Those are some gorgeous photos. Wow, I just want to wipe that dripping bit of syrup up with my finger and lick it off. That being said, I’m the girl who never, ever lets the bacon touch anything sweet when we go out for breakfast. It must be maintained in its pristine, pure state. So, even though this looks delicious, I’d have to take mine on the side.

    I hear you on the checking things. Unfortunately, all that does for me is push back what I want to make. For instance, I wanted to make French toast yesterday. We didn’t have enough butter. Hence the rolls instead. Now I don’t have any butter. :(

  17. OMG drool! These look so delicious! Love that its topped of with bacon! Yum!! (whenever I run out of ingredients I send out the boyfriend! :))

  18. Wow Kita, I mean just wow! These are amazing. I wish I could buzz these twice!! It is like breakfast in a treat. I am in loooooove

  19. Holy freakin crap! Send me a batch please!? These look so freakin amazing!!!! Definitely saving this bad boy!

  20. Mmmmm, I am drooling all over myself over here! Love the idea of a french toast cupcake, and of course, with bacon!!

  21. I love bacon on cupcakes!! these are stunning and look delicious!

  22. These look incredible, and the photos are amazing!

  23. Oh, these are stunning, Kita…worth the 3 trips to the market! Luckily I have two driving children at home, so they are the lucky ones who get to make those last minute ingredient runs. Been there many times :)

  24. Three trips to the store…ouchies. Happens to all of us though. ;) These cupcakes look totally worth all that extra effort.

  25. Oh this looks so good! I love the bacon!

  26. Beautiful presentation! The bacon and maple syrup combination is an awesome concept.

  27. Wow! I am intrigued and want to try this recipe!

  28. Is there anything I could substitute for potato starch? I have checked every local grocery store and all employees have given me an alienated look and are unsure of what it is.

  29. would love to know what kind of frosting you used for the pictures b/c it surely wasn’t the frosting in the recipe you shared.


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