Honey Oat Bread and Finding My Mojo in 2012

Since I had yesterday to be all publicly pouty and I’m not one to stay down in the dumps very long lets kick today off with some awesomeness.

First, that bread recipe below, that’s pretty freakin awesome. Second, the New Years resolution post.

I am not one for New Years resolutions personally, but I like to take it as a chapter break for the blog to figure out what I can improve on and how I can make Pass the Sushi even more action packed and fun filled for my readers.

Continue to grow the recipe collection: I think its about time that I can get rid of the ‘two new a week’ category. I think you all have figured it out ;) I want more side dishes, appetizers and main dishes on here though. I think I tend to focus on the big things and forget that there are a billion smaller dishes that I love and would enjoy sharing with you.

Revisit and update some old posts: There were some delicious posts long before I knew how integral good food photos were to a good post, so I think its time I revisit some of those recipes and share some snapshot love with them.

More Fat Kid Friendly: Sure, it’s 2012. Everyone wants to get fit and healthy and what not. Here’s the deal though people, I don’t eat like that. I’m not sure I ever could (well, I’m sure I could). For every salad I eat there will be cheese sticks and brownies somewhere. Hell, my boss stops and picks me up cookies. I can’t help it. So, I will try to include some healthy recipes, but really, I want to let me fat kid play. I want down home delicious, not just good for you. If I can somehow magically find a harmony for both well then, maybe by years end I’ll be a millionaire.

More meat: (If I wanted hits that would have read ‘more cupcakes’). My heart is in the savory dishes and where I can look back when I am done creating a beautiful dessert and be happy with the job, I want more savory. I want a site where delicious real food will get just as many hits and a marshmallow dipped in chocolate and rolled in peppermint (wait, that’s on this blog). More smoker, more grill, more fire! Bring it on 2012.

Restaurant reviews: I have long kept my Nikon and food love trapped in a deep dark hole in my house in fear of odd looks and judgement of strangers. Time to remidy that. I think there are enough people walking around snapping instagram pics of everything that I can learn to be comfortable with my Nikon around my neck.

Warning: This is a run on paragraph. As for personal goals (because I believe that sharing them with people will make me more likely to accomplish them) I am going to try for a year of no regret. If I want it, lets make it happen. Fortunately, I am pretty stingy and I believe in the small things so I know that I wont ‘want’ for anything that is really out of my grasp. (Starting with redoing the bedroom that has become nothing more than a bed and collection area for junk – no not hoarders level just lacking mojo). I want a little bit of color to my skin (the dead girl look died with Courtney Love’s career). I want to become an awesome mountain biker – pushing myself as hard as I can every time. That ones going to be rougher than it sounds. I want to be fit – not just skinny. I am at a good weight and now I need to make it a fit weight. Then maybe with that little bit of color we can work on bikini shopping. (I just lost the last male reader that was hoping this was going somewhere). I want that tattoo I’ve been talking about for 2 years now. I’m going to work on a food budget and bank some moolah. And lastly, it’s time to go through some junk and purge – starting with the dresser.

Now on to the super tastiness that is this comforting and delicious honey bread.




  1. Awesome! Someone needs to blog about meat :) More beautiful sausage pics please!

  2. Sounds like a good 2012 plan for me. I love seeing your fat kid posts:-)

  3. i’m still shy on getting my camera out of the kitchen. can’t wait to see more deliciousness and some reviews.
    Love the oat bread!

  4. Those are some serious resolutions. I wish you the highest degree of success with them!

    The bread is amazing. I can’t believe how fluffy and tender it looks in that cut open picture. I love it.

  5. Sounds like a great 2012! A lovely loaf!

  6. Can you please send me some 2012 mojo? Having 4yo home for a week and a half plus a cold has me all out of wack blogging wise. Send help asap.

  7. Wonderful set of goals…will love to see the reviews :)
    Happy New Year!

  8. YUM! You made my absolute favorite bread ever! How did you know?! ;-)

    I am looking forward to your 2012 blogging year! I am sure it will be fantastic!

  9. I’m always so worried about stares and weird looks when I walk into places with my camera around my neck…I need to get over that too. Love your list and your blog. Cheers to 2012!

  10. One of my goals for 2012 is to make more bread. I think this is a great recipe to start out with…

    I cannot wait to see some of your fantastic restaurant shots. If people give you crazy looks it is because they are secretly jealous.

  11. I am all for a homemade bread. Making more of it it’s my resolution :)

  12. What a gorgeous loaf of bread. I am looking forward to seeing what you make in 2012!

  13. Hooray for 2012 mojo! You’d definitely get more blog posts with cupcakes than meat, but we need meat!!! More meat please! :) I’ll put it between two slices of this tasty bread.

  14. it looks really delicious!! oat bread is one of my favorite things and I always add some honey to make it even better, your bread sounds so delicious

  15. My 2012 will be more of breads and loaves, or so I think. I have started to search for good bread recipes since the -ber months of 2011. This will definitely have to be tried out in my oven. Great recipe! Thanks a lot!

  16. The bread really does look freakin’ awesome! Your goals sound GREAT and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next! I used to bake every.single.day. My doctor put the kaibash on it, or I would be making the same things you are! It KILLLS me that I’m limited!

    I gotta stick with my once-a-month indulgence post – my health demands it. So, I’ll be here every day drooling over yours!

  17. Congrats on making Top 9, Kita! What a super start to the new year!

  18. Obsessed with everything you wrote in this post! I’m baking this bread today – been thinking about honey wheat bread lately. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Gorgeous bread, Kita! Congrats on your Top 9!!!

  20. Gorgeous bread! Here’s to a healthy 2012!

  21. That is a gorgeous loaf of bread!

    Great goals for you blog too. I didn’t post my 2012 blog goals but am proud to say that I’ve already implemented several of them. Now if I was doing as well with my personal goals – lol!

  22. Kita, this bread is just amazing. Looks fantastic, smells delicious…(some day we will be able to send aroma)…

  23. Mmm…. Honey bread is the best!

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