Chipotle Southwest Ranch Dressing

Chipotle Southwest Ranch Dressing via

Highs and lows come quick in the active life I’m living these days. Though really it’s all highs to some point as I would have never imagined myself competing twice for anything in one weekend unless it involved shoving past kids for a giant chocolate chip cookie. I could totally do that twice in one weekend. Or maybe I just really want a cookie as I sit coming down off of the endorphin high from the weekend and think that everything sounds pretty tasty…

This weekend I ran a fun little 5k on Friday night and (unless someone can prove me otherwise) I was the first female across the line at 26 minutes, to which I am happy with (though some life time runners quickly put me in my place). We headed out for the evening and up early the next morning to stretch the legs for a 7 mile ride. I gorged at Hempon Hill Barbecue and headed to bed for our race in the morning – which by the way was freezing (Dear Mother Nature, we need to talk).

71424_633748526651288_647336536_n(I ate like a Fat Kid)

I finished second in my category, which would totally be worth gloating over if there had been more than two girls in my group… one being myself. However, as the course was a good climb and terrain I wasn’t used to, I’m happy with my time and proud of myself for sticking through it. I could have left out the whole 2 out of 2 thing, but I’m hoping that’s the sort of thing I’ll look back on and laugh at.

We had a blast all weekend long, but I can tell you on the three hour ride home, I was ready to sleep. And sleep I shall.
Chipotle Southwest Ranch Dressing via

Chipotle Southwest Ranch Dressing via


  1. Congratulations!! That is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think I would make a salad just to dump this dressing all over it! I love all the flavors so much!

  3. I’m jealous of all your races! I can’t find babysitters to watch my children early enough so I can do races. :( The kids would really love this ranch. They’re obsessed with regular ranch right now so I need to make it for them.

  4. The addition of honey sounds soo interesting! I can’t wait to give this a shot :)

  5. 1. I only run when chased.
    2. This dressing looks freakin’ amazing.
    3. I might consider running for this dressing.

  6. I’ll bring the salad, you bring that dressing. I’d give you high kudos if you’d just done one of those things. For doing both, you’re my hero.

  7. Congratulations on your races. I’d love to be able to do a 5K in 26 minutes. Also, definitely be proud of that 2nd place. You probably would have smoked any other female that entered your age group anyway. This does indeed look like a great salad dressing. It looks good enough that if I made it a little thicker I could eat it with crackers.

  8. A 5k in 26 minutes? You’re amazing!

  9. I keep saying that everyone needs a GREAT salad dressing under their belt, and you have found yours. Sounds spicy and tangy. Thanks for the great idea for that leftover buttermilk I always seem to have!

  10. I’m always on the lookout for new salad dressings and can’t wait to try this! And a huge congrats on the race!

  11. You. You are a lightening bolt. omg

  12. Oh yum! I love trying new dressings :) I’m sure this one will be a hit.

  13. This sounds just my style! Pinning! Found this from Michelle’s Tasty Creations Cinco De Mayo Party!

  14. HEY!!!! I WANT THE HEMPEN HILL DOG YOU HAD!!!!!! Loks like it would fill you up!!!! LOL!!!!

  15. I just made this and it was delicious! Thank you, thank you!


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