Braised Cola Onions & Sausage

Most of the time I stare at into the kitchen waiting for a recipe to pop into my head just to find that although the pantry is over stocked, I don’t have a single thing I need on hand. Today’s post was different. I had direction. A group of fantastic bloggers was challenged by Williams-Sonoma and Le Creuset to show off the beautiful color of cookware; Quince.

Immediately, warm comforting meals came to mind – about a dozen or so of them for me to narrow it down from. And I picked the one that had a pile of onions in it. What was I thinking? This is a friendly photography competition and I picked onions. Way to win it. Onions never make anything pretty. They really aren’t that photogenic after they have been sliced and cooked. Really, when was the last time you saw an onion and though, “Damn, that looks mighty fine.” But it’s ok. This recipe was everything I wanted – cozy, packed full of flavor and dare I say, healthy. It didn’t even take that long to put together and would be a perfect weeknight meal.

Head on over to the Williams-Sonoma Pinterest page to check out the all the beautiful pictures from other bloggers and click like for the ones you think make this beautiful new color look smexy. There may be a little something something in store for the blog who gets the most likes.




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    Doesn’t quince sort of sound like a curse word? Every time I say it, it comes out sounding like an expletive! I don’t know why!! Well Quince me! This meal looks great! Some quincing great onions there! Quincing delicious!

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    I have been eye balling that quince braising pan – love it!! By the way this is one of our go-to meals when pressed on time or feeling completely lazy!!


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