Apple Cider Doughnuts

Apples have certainly held their own here at Pass the Sushi this fall. With other blogs exploding into the autumnal flavors of pumpkin and other squash it has been hard to hold out – and keep making apple recipes – for as long as I have. We have had pumpkins on our doorsteps for a few weeks, jars of pumpkin filling are lining end caps, and those pesky Hersey’s Pumpkin spice kisses have been mocking me for days (ok, I maaay have jumped the gun and have something up my sleeve as far as those go…). But! I have held out and not created on pumpkin (ignore that last comment) themed recipe yet.

So enjoy these doughnuts, and maybe a few other apple treats before we head strong into November and the holiday season here on Pass the Sushi.

Caramel Apple BreadApple Cider FloatTurkey and Brie Sandwich

Apple Crumble Overnight Apple OatmealApple Upside Down CakeApple Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes

I did not care for the cider glaze (at all). Instead, I mixed some cinnamon and sugar in a brown paper bag and after each doughnut had cooled a moment, tossed them in there and shook. Remember the old Shake and Bake – works just like that.

Please go check out all the other awesome post in this weeks collection of holiday goodies!


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  1. says

    I have never even had one of these-in fact I have never even heard of them until recently! Yours look so toasty and sugary-I am now craving these.
    Don’t feel bad about the no pumpkin posts-I am in the same predicament. Your apple posts this month have been amazing! Thanks for pulling all these links together. I look forward to more of your holiday treats.

  2. says

    I meant to make cider donuts weeks ago. I keep buying cider in hopes of making some. You beat me to it (again)! I’d love one (or two) right now :) I’ve honestly never had one with a sugar coating, but keep seeing and hearing about them so they must be good!

  3. says

    WOW, I cannot tell you how much I love apple cider doughnuts! They are a childhood thing for me. My family used to go to this cider mill when I was younger and get apple cider doughnuts right off the line which were AMAZING! These remind me of them.

  4. says

    I have been drooling over apple cider doughnuts for awhile now. I need to get off the pumpkin bandwagon, but I too have those pumpkin kisses that I need to make something with (and no do not secretly have one already up my sleeve). Once the kisses are accomplished I promised myself to do more appley things!

  5. says

    I love apple everything and your doughnuts look fabulous!!! I’m a bit relieved they’re not in my kitchen as my will power would not be strong enough to resist!

  6. says

    Yum! I have a recipe for baked apple cider donuts from King Arthur flour that I have been meaning to try since September! This just reminded me that I need to get moving on those. :)

  7. says

    holy apple mother of god. look at all those amazing apple treats. I purposely haven’t pumpkined everything out cause there’s just so much of it everywhere. I try to be nonconformist at times but most of the time it doesn’t work but my Boycott candy corns and dirt cups is going strong. I know in a couple years when my little niece is old enough to sugar her up I’ll have to put out all the stops. I like pumpkin for thanksgiving and if i start for Halloween I get sick of it too fast. lol that’s rambling

    anyway gorgeous little doughnuts, you make some pretty fantastic stuff little lady. have a great rest of the week :)

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