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S’mores Layer Cake

S’mores Layer Cake | Kita Roberts
Yep, this post is late today. You know why? Pinterest. I’m not denying it. There are like 47 tabs open on my screen right now. 7 of which are just kittens being adorable. Thank God for the internet….

It’s another monthly installment of the Pass the Cook Book Club! Oh snap. This time we are cooking from the lovely Smitten Kitchen cook book from food blogger extraordinaire Deb Perelman. Can we say OG food blog much? Simple, clean, and beautiful. Much like her quality recipes and simple counter top presentation. What’s not to love about that. This month we could pick from cheesy breakfast rollups, tomato shortcakes, and this stacked s’mores cake. To be honest, I wanted to make the tomato shortcakes in the worst way, but I don’t love tomatoes. And I really wanted those cheesy breakfast buns, but I didn’t have the patience (or time) for a yeast recipe. Somehow the triple layer cake became the easiest option. #firstworldproblems

This cake was a blast to make. I’m personally not a fan of actual graham crackers. Or s’mores. I just like the chocolate. But one taste test of the batter led to a few more and I was stoked for this cake. I used three small cake pans instead of two and decided to make it a tall little cake. In reality, the 9″ pans probably would have been better for sharing… but who says I did anyway 😉

S’mores Layer Cake | Kita Roberts

To read more about how the cook book club works, read this post. To join the club, click for our facebook group here. Remember, you don’t need a blog – you just need to want to cook! Come on and join the club!

S’mores Layer Cake | Kita Roberts

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