These Slow Cooker Hash Browns are loaded with meat, cheese, and veggies to start your morning right.  Wrap up in a tortilla and go face the day.

Slow Cooker Hash Browns | Kita Roberts

Bourbon Sampling

Some people just can’t hold their liqueur. It’s a skill I think everyone should find some time to develop. See, being able to sip a drink and hold a conversation is a wonderful thing that often leads to evenings of laughter and entertainment. However, some people just drink to get drunk and end up spending most of the night in the bathroom. This happened the other night as we were dining with strangers and enjoying bourbon samples at the Mid-Atlantic Food and Wine Festival.

The Bacon and Bourbon dinner was held at the beautiful Columbus Inn in Wilmington DE with very education guest speaker, Russ Kempton. There were five bourbon samples to be enjoyed. As I am new to bourbon, I enjoyed the sweet Wild Turkey Honey Bourbon. The tasting menu was amazing.

With a starter of a cheddar apple tart with bacon, followed by a wonderful portion of a large seared sea scallop and smoked bacon over sweet corn. The main dish was a very large portion of pork shank with a loaded baked bean. The meal wound down quite nicely with two small sugar crusted waffles and bacon ice cream. Yes, I said bacon ice cream. All in all, I thought the value for the price of the ticket was outstanding. The event took place from March 6 to 10th all over Delaware, covering all three counties. It was held in some of the most historic and well staffed locations.

Amazing Food, Sub-par company.

The food was amazing, the bourbon was delightful (after listening to Aisha Taylor’s Girl on Guy podcast about liqueur I am determined to become a better drinker, as well as a strong willed witty as hell gorgeous African American woman with more sass than I know what to do with. Sadly, not happening.) ;). Sadly, the company left a lot to be desired.

You always run that risk with open seating. Handsome and I normally love meeting new people and talking with strangers but we knew that wouldn’t be the case as the last two late comers to our table promptly introduced themselves as lawyers. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against lawyers. I have something against a man who makes it a point to tilt his nose in the air and introduce himself as ‘John Doe, Lawyer’ to every person at the table. You know, you’ve probably heard of me.  His guest, his son (who clearly acquired his father’s charming personality), and he filled the rest of our evening with pompous talk about Biffy and Tiffy, and their cleavage, and how horrible they were for taking half of the assets in the marriage. Deep and stimulating kind of conversation.

So really, besides wanting to accidentally spill my drink all over them, the night was awesome.

The event was great, and the long list of other events for the Mid-Atlantic Food and Wine Festival was extensive and fun. There were many other tastings I wish I had made the time to attend – but who knows – there’s always next year!

Slow Cooker Hash Browns

Sometimes, you just want to wake up to a hearty breakfast after a night out. These Slow Cooker Hash Browns are loaded with meat, cheese, and veggies to start your morning right.  Wrap up in a tortilla and go face the day. Get your breakfast on. No matter how bad your company was the night before.

Slow Cooker Hash Browns | Kita Roberts
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Slow Cooker Loaded Hash Browns | Kita Roberts

Slow Cooker Loaded Hash Browns

from BHG Skinny Slow Cooker
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Author: Kita
9 hours 5 minutes
Serves: 12


  • 8 oz bulk turkey sausage
  • 8 oz ground turkey
  • 1 medium onion - chopped
  • 5 cups frozen has brown potatoes
  • 1 cup shredded Montere Jack cheese
  • 1 large red pepper - chopped
  • 1 poblano pepper - minced
  • 4 oz sliced mushrooms - drained
  • 10.75 oz condensed cheese soup
  • 1/4 cup water


  • Spray a 5-6 quart slow cooker with cooking spray
  • Cook poultry and onion in a large skillet over medium heat until sausage is cooked through and onion is tender. 
  • Drain any fat and transfer to slow cooker. 
  • Add the remaining ingredients and stir to combine. 
  • Cover and cook on low for 8-9 hours. 
  • In the morning - breakfast is ready. Just add eggs, sour cream, salsa, Tabasco sauce, and scallions all wrapped in a nice tortilla - if desired.

Nutritional informations provided as a courtesy and is only an approximatation. Values will changes based on ingredients used.

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Slow Cooker Hash Browns | Kita Roberts

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  1. I never thought to do potatoes in a slow cooker, but why not. This looks like the best breakfast ever!

  2. I think I have seriously bookmarked every slow cooker recipe you’ve posted recently. Obsessed!

    PS – As a lawyer, I’m glad you clarified that you don’t hate us all 🙂 I definitely know the type…

  3. Taking On Magazines says:

    I’ve seen a few recipes for slow cooker hash browns but like mine crisp so I haven’t tried them. You make them look great. Regarding holding liquor of any kind, I’m a wuss about it.

  4. This is how you have an enjoyable breakfast Monday-Friday. Lovely! When I am with strangers like that I just sit and listen. Crazy what some people will say.

  5. Sounds like a great event! And you’re totally right about being able to hold your liquor. We went to the NYC wine & food fest and far too many people were getting tipsy and breaking things.

    I wonder if I can scale this recipe down into one of those little slow cookers, then I can have single serve hash browns on a weekday morning!

  6. Whoa! How many does this make? I’d like to have some ready for my husband’s college baseball team. THEY WOULD DIE!

    1. A ton! This would easily feed a baseball team! Fix it up and bring extra toppings, cheese, sour cream, tabasco, scallions and so on! Its cheesy and packed with flavor.

  7. I think I’ve meet your dinner companions!! Last year on our Med Cruise we had open seating and down they sat. First comment, “Nice to meet you, I’m John Doe, Esq. And you?” My introduction of “Kim Kelly, Famous Food Blogger” didn’t register on him. Ah well!! We had a table of 6, and the night did pass with lots of laughs.
    As for these burritos you have here, you’ve totally won my sons heart! My breakfast burrito version had more veggies, less meat. He complained. I’ll have to surprise him with this beauty!

  8. Bookmarked! I’m glad someone has come out with a slowcooker breakfast meal that doesn’t involve steel cut oats! I’m really digging this one! And I definitely wont be inviting a baseball team or lawyer to share with me either!

  9. *Doesn’t want to ever have a meal with pretentious lawyers… does however want a meal that has a ton of these hashed browns.*

  10. Jackie Hammond says:

    This sounds yummy and very easy to make, will have to pare down for just two or I would be eating it for a month. Thank you for sharing. God Bless! Wine festivals sound fun but can’t drink much and my husband is a beer man so we don’t attend many things like that.

  11. I made this one night and could barely sleep because of the aroma floating through the house all night. It lasted about 15 minutes the next morning between me and my boyfriend. Since then, I’ve had to double and triple the recipe to make enough. I share it with my boyfriend, daughter, grandpa and co-workers. It is awesomely delicious even alone!

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