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Monster Bars


The Birthday Edition:

Since all the food went over so well at my party, I figured this weeks Things I’m Diggin should give you a hint into what I made (sorry for the lack of featured images for each recipe, but I was really busy!):

 The Killer Cherry-Peach Sangria 

My Go-to Mayo-free (so no need to worry) Summertime Pasta Salad

Jessica’s Drool Worthy Pizza Dip 

This couldn’t be much simpler Spinach and Artichoke dip (for my man)  

And more from Jessica (cuz you can’t go wrong here) with this perfect for summer flavor packed hot corn dip

& The best (and most delicious) way to serve shrimp to a crowd – Bloody Mary Shrimp 

I put all of the dips in a slow cooker, instead of baking on high to get them melted, then low during the party. They worked just fine this way.

Also on the menu were hot and sweet sausages from New York, crabs, burgers, caprese sticks, a beautiful fruit salad from my boyfriends mom, baked beans, my new favorite cake from Sweet Somethings, a peanut butter chocolate, two cheesecakes from New York,



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