Two birds, one stone.

This weeks “two new to try” was an easy two birds with one stone type of thing. I made a Caramelized Cajun Chicken from Southern Living Annual Recipes 09 and stuffed peppers for my friends. I love trying new things and here is the one mistake I constantly make – I try new things on people. Instead of going back to something I’ve already made and know is a home run. It’s like “Oh, experiment time!”

You know what happens then? About 5 minutes before serving time I start to wonder, “Hmm, was this a bad idea?” With no emergency suckiness plan in my back pocket, I always go ahead with it. Fortunately, I haven’t served anything that wasn’t yummy. I did serve a ‘cookie pie’ a few weeks ago that was frustrating me to no end for its inability to cook through properly. I’m blaming it on a crappy store bought pie crust in those little aluminum pie dishes. It was late. I was tired. My parents stopped by unexpectedly. It was 10PM. It was a disaster. But the pie was eaten and my friends  still said it was good. Eventually, I’ll learn.
And because I can’t do anything straight of the box, I decided to do a “Grilled Jambalaya Stuffed Pepper.” Gotta keep with the theme right?


PS. If you are going to use your friends as taste testers for your latest unknown concoction, I recommend asking if they have an aversion to spicy foods first. Oh well. 😀

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  1. says

    I always use my friends as recipe-testers! But I do have index cards listing everyone’s likes/dislikes/allergies, which helps get the right ballpark 😉

    Visiting to welcome you to SITS!

  2. says

    Happy SITS Tuesday! I love, love good food and cooking new dishes even though I don’t cook as much as I used to because of my schedule. I’m glad I stopped by as this is a quick and easy recipe with ingredients I love.
    Keep it up.

  3. Mary says

    You can use me as a recipe tester whenever you want! Also, will you share that chicken recipe with me? I loved it.

  4. says

    That looks great!

    I’m a Welcomista & am stopping by to welcome you to SITS. I’m also hosting a giveaway on my blog if your interested in stopping by.

    Have a great night!

  5. says

    I too love stuffed peppers and the idea of jambalaya in them is amazing. That is a definite one to try! Following your blog now. I like what I see

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