Triple Play: Barbecue Sauces

I’m in BBQ withdraw.

It’s summer! Every weekend is a rush to see how many barbecues we can fit in between school and work not to mention a little personal and much needed r&r. And yet, (knowing full well that I had not one but two family events the next day) 3 hours into an all barbecue marathon of Diners Drive Ins and Dives I found myself in full blown barbecue withdraw! I’m talking salivating, ready to trash the swordfish thawing in the fridge and slathering whatever protein I could find in any barbecue sauce and getting down and dirty.

If you were wondering if it was possible for this to happen as you sigh over another platter frilled with ribs and burgers, know that in a few short months we will be back to frigid temperatures and locked inside like not so well equipped Eskimos craving a hit from the charcoal fairy. She’s not coming though… So yes, it is possible to go into a full on, drool inducing, carnivorous barbecue withdraw attack in 101 degree dog days of summer. Or I’m an addict and really need to seek out some kind of help. Either way…

So I did what and good little addicted does the moment I got back in my kitchen.


Now that I’m stocked up for a bit – wait to see what I slather it on ;)





  1. Can’t wait to try these recipes, we never buy store bought sauces, my DH usually just starts mixing. We have some hits and misses that way! I LOVE those jars, where did you get them? I need some!

  2. Good golly, woman! You sure did knock that out! I’m excited to see what you use these sauces with :-)

  3. Great names! I’m all over that Red Hot Momma’s BBQ Sauce :) Finger-licking good!

  4. I want all of them slathered on something now! I don’t really care that it is 8:30 am, they all sound great!

  5. Oh wow!! My boyfriend would be SOO proud of me if I made these sauces! These are amazing and I’m already salivating! :)

  6. Love this! I’ve been meaning to make homemade BBQ sauce all summer…Can’t wait to give them a try! :)

  7. Great BBQ sauce recipes..your pictures are so vibrant and delicious looking! Thank you for sharing, I will try these before summer ends:)

  8. All of these sauces were very tasty!!!! My favorite was the one with the kick.

  9. Your new name is Grill Diva!!

  10. All three of these sound great! Now to choose which one to use first! Lol

  11. The horn-honkin’ sounds damn good!!

  12. All three of these look amazing but I cannot wait to get some Pacific Rim sauce in my mouth!!

  13. Ooooo! I want the Pacific Rim! TOTALLY!

  14. Now this is not a fair post. You are forcing me to make a choice. They all look delicious. i am leaning towards Pacific Rim

  15. What an amazing spread of sauces! I’m quite taken with the Pacific rim one… Thanks for sharing these recipes, Kita!

  16. Oh how I need this :D delicious!

  17. I LOVE these sauces! I am allergic to commercial BBQ sauces so I have to make my own – these recipes are terrific!

  18. 3 iffrent BBQ Sauce! Amazing! :)

  19. Great recipes! I’m with you, about trying to cram in BBQ. An added plus for me is that Matt does all BBQ-ing, so I kinda push for it. :)

  20. That is some *serious* barbeque sauce! Whoa!!! Somebody give me a chicken leg and a grill.

  21. The Pacific Rim and Horn-Honkin’ sauces sound very good. Sweet and not too hot.

  22. OH MY BBQ SAUCE!!! I love them all! You are like me I always have so many around because you never know what will go better with what meat! Thanks for the homemade recipes! I like how you put them in those cute jars!

  23. I’m up for the pacific rim definitely! No idea what I’m going to slather it on though!


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