Tortellini Pasta Salad

Tortellini Salad from PasstheSushi.comTortellini Salad from
So, as far as food blogs go, I’m kind of missing the mark lately. I didn’t realize some kids had already returned to school and looking at my Pinterest feed you all are well into Halloween planning and I’m over here still pulling together summer barbecue and ice cream posts. Oops. If summer flew by for me, how do you guys with kids do it?! I mean between work, more work, bikes, and living, I’m pretty sure if I was responsible for another human it probably wouldn’t have seen a bath in like 3 weeks. Not that I don’t think kids need baths, but because I simply wouldn’t have thought of it.

One thing I did realize this summer is – this is as good as it gets. We aren’t taking fancy vacations (or even not fancy ones), we aren’t living a glamorous life, but we are doing what we want and having fun. Realizing that we can pause life to go for a bike ride is a great thing. Realizing we need to do it every single day is even better. Pausing and doing what makes you happy is it. And we can. We are in a place where we can afford to, where we are healthy enough to, where we can. What more could you ask for? So sure, summer may have whizzed by (even though it doesn’t really end til mid September) and I’m already thinking about a pumpkin carving contest, but things were good. Are good. And we are going to keep living it up. The blogs not going to fall apart without me for a day or so. Life’s moving on at a pace where I need to hang out just to keep up. And it’s good.
Tortellini Salad from

Tortellini Salad from

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  1. says

    Ah yeah, summer flew!! But hey, it says we had till September 25th!!

    Ok now this salad looks awesome! I am not really a huge pasta salad person, but when it involves these flavors AND tortellini I am!! This looks amazing and easy, which is SO what I need!

  2. says

    Beautiful pics and OH NO. Its not time to say goodbye to summer yet. I just got out my pop molds. You can say all that stuff after labor day. For now its still August. Dammit. I love these photos. I want to eat them. (And I have those dishtowels. They are like my friends.

  3. says

    I’m not normally a huge fan of pasta salads, but add tortellini to the mix and I’m there!! Summer is flying by, but I refuse to give it up – at least not for another few weeks :)

  4. says

    Summer totally flew by over here too! I don’t feel like I spent enough time outside yet, I hope the weather stays warm for a while! Ice cream posts until October!


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