Pumpkin Pie Martini


Things have been crazy at the homestead with a lack of internet for over 9 days now. I have to come in to work early and leave late to try to keep things up and running here and the guilt of not commenting on other blogs is driving me a little batty. Ok, that one made me sound crazy. However, Handsome and I have been catching up on some reading and some movies and the house is spotless so I guess there’s some good coming of it. I feel trivial complaining about a lack of the internet when there are […]

Halloween Martinis


We’re not going to talk about how it snowed in October (which is very out of the ordinary for my part of the states). We are not going to talk about how Handsome and I hopped in the truck anxious to find a new adventure, drove 2 hours north yesterday just to find that some places actually got a LOT of snow and that entire towns were out of power. Then got not-lost in wide open spaces trying to find a rest stop while my kidneys thought they would explode just to be told to take it somewhere else when […]

Blueberry Cheesecake Martini


Some days, you look up baffled. Everything was going so smoothly. The chores were done, the kitchen cleaned and tidied and all that was left was to make a simple supper for you and your man. A supper you should have been able to make in your sleep with one hand tied behind your back… and somehow, this happens… You’re not sure why, or how it happened. It just did. Some freak accident tornado rolled through your kitchen and dirtied every single pot and pan within arms length – and all the forks to boot – with only one butter knife surviving to […]

Mixing Martinis for the 4th of July


We’re keeping it simple today with the snippet from this months email. Summer has officially claimed the throne, filling the long days with heat, humidity and a million reasons to be outdoors grilling. But, I’m sure you’ve already got today’s menu all planned out over the open flame so for this month we are giving you a little something to sip on while lounging poolside. What a better accompaniment for an old fashioned Independence day celebration than a good stiff drink to keep you sociable from one picnic to the next (or give you a really good excuse as to […]