Enchilada Pasta Skillet & a Le Creuset Skillet Giveaway


To wrap up an amazing year at Pass the Sushi I have one more killer giveaway for you. There are some big changes in store for the blog next year, some large goals for 2013, and a lot more sass and fun. But that’s for a future post. For today, in this crazy busy week, I have a simple weeknight meal for you and a chance to win this gorgeous skillet. Since receiving my Le Creuset skillet, I think all of my other skillets have grown jealous and accumulated a thin layer of dust. I find myself keeping this bad boy ready […]

Chicken Enchiladas a Secret Recipe


I went and did it. I joined a club. But unlike others that I have considered joining, this one I’ll be able to keep up with. There are lots of options for groups and clubs in the online cooking sphere, and all of them look really interesting. From the Daring Bakers to French Fridays with Dorie, each one offers an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Problem is, I tend to randomly pick my posts, have rather poor planning skills (the fact that the cake featured for my birthday was actually the cake I made for […]

Chile Colorado {Red Chile Sauce}


Yeah, this girl ain’t messing around today. Tell Bobby Flay to get his cute ass down here because I have a recipe for you that would kick his sauce lovin booty to the ground. This is one of those sauces you’re going to want to master and have in your back pocket to whip out for special occasions, social gatherings or when you are trying to show that new guy you can bring him to his knees in the kitchen (or in my case, when you feel like smack talking celebrity chefs from the safety of your own home). After […]

I believe in licking the spoon.


We’re snowed in again today as another blizzard is blanketing the area. I’m not exactly sure how much we’re supposed to get this time but I think people are pretty much over the ‘ohh and ahh pretty snow’ stage – mainly because I don’t have 38 facebook posts announcing the snow. Walmart was so picked over that they were even out of frozen spinach. People had moved past milk and bread and the heavy cream and tortillas were gone as well. I got what I needed as was able to get out in a reasonable time to come home and […]