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Chicken Enchiladas {Quick Dinner Fixins}

Chicken enchiladas for a weeknight dinner? Absolutely! Especially when the tender pulled chicken is paired with homemade, 10-minute enchilada sauce.

Homemade Chicken Enchiladas with 10 minute Enchilada Sauce //

I went and did it. I joined a club. But unlike others that I have considered joining, this one I’ll be able to keep up with.

There are lots of options for groups and clubs in the online cooking sphere, and all of them look really interesting. From the Daring Bakers to French Fridays with Dorie, each one offers an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Problem is, I tend to randomly pick my posts, have rather poor planning skills (the fact that the cake featured for my birthday was actually the cake I made for my birthday I considered a small miracle), and I have a teenage angst for group events. Maybe it had to do with always being the last one picked for kickball.

Who am I kidding, I rocked at kickball. 😉

This month, though, I joined the Secret Recipe Club. You are assigned a blog to go sneak about and choose a recipe from. Then, you recreate the recipe and have a full month to have your post ready. That’s the kind of planning I can handle. I’m even typing this up a full week in advance (if only I could become this well organized with all of my posts). I like the idea of hopping about to new blogs I may not have had the opportunity to discover on my own.

Much like the blog I have for this month’s Secret Recipe Club, The Cafe Sucre Farine. It’s a charming little food blog that posts new recipes daily, from desserts to salads. The variety is wonderful and the pictures are great. Chris makes everything look so tasty! She’s even posted a few new recipes since I chose mine that I can’t wait to go back and try (like that chicken yakitori…. mmmm).

Selected for you :   Pork Tenderloin French Dips & Web Design

I chose to make mouth watering chicken enchiladas, because I am a sucker for Mexican food.

And because it comes with a homemade enchilada sauce recipe, something I love to experiment with. I knew I would be mixing the chicken enchiladas up a bit, using pulled pork instead of chicken, but I was certain that wouldn’t affect the outcome, and it didn’t. Actually, the smoked pulled pork added a great aroma and flavor to the dish. Loved it! The sauce was very similar in flavor to a lot of enchilada sauces I have had and I am happy that I have a recipe on hand for it now. It also made enough to fill a jar, so there were plenty of leftovers.

Chicken enchiladas for dinner? Anytime!

 Homemade Chicken Enchiladas with 10 minute Enchilada Sauce //


Homemade Chicken Enchiladas with 10 minute Enchilada Sauce //

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