Swiss Mushroom Burgers

Tomorrows the big day. Or rather, the worst day in a foodies eyes… I go in to have my wisdom teeth yanked. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery after everyone’s stories last week to help me prepare. I was overwhelmed with everyone’s responses last week when I asked about your personal experiences with oral surgery and to offer me suggestions. We have stocked the house will pudding, applesauce, and soup and a certain someone has promised to make me copious amounts of his famous macaroni and cheese when I am up to chewing.

To prepare though, I have tried to eat as many chewy, savory, crunchy meals as I could for the last few days. Hard crusty bread for sandwiches, potato chips, pretzels, pizza and bagels! Burgers being a wonderfully guilty obsession of mine, these bad boys were a quick fix for a busy weeknight with a great savory kick from Worcestershire and teriyaki sauce I added. I knew I really wanted to indulge in a good burger before surgery, even if it meant forfeiting real grill flavor with a broiled version.




Truth time: I am reviling in tacos tonight for supper. Hard crunchy taco shells packed with generic Ortega seasoned ground beef. Oh yeah.

If you knew you weren’t going to be eating ‘real food’ again for a while, what would you make sure to have before you lost the ability to chew?

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  1. says

    This burger is making me drool!! You are going to do GREAT!!! Just remember, it’ll be over before you know…and make sure they don’t leave any gauze in there by mistake!

  2. says

    Crossing my fingers and toes for you, Kita. Good to stuff yourself up with all this delicious looking yummies before tomorrow. Just a small helpful suggestion … stock up on ice cubes. Feel good soon!

  3. says

    Mmmmmmm….nothing better than a well cooked burger…and yours looks top notch! Hope you’ll be chewing again VERY soon! xo

  4. Tanya C. says

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, it will go fine and be done before you know it! I had gestational diabetes in a few of my pregnancies so prior to my glucose test I was sure to eat all the sweets I could. Probably not the best thing but it made going without a little easier. Hope someone takes good care of you!

  5. says

    I hope everything goes well with no “hang ups”. :( I’ll be thinking of you. The only thing that scares me worse than oral surgery is knowing that someone I care about will be having it.

    I’m pretty sure ice cream will be cool and soothing too…

    Oh why did you have to tempt me with a burger? This is a must try.

    Thinking of you!

  6. says

    You presentation is so beautiful – a burger which looks so gourmet and is filled with such wonderful ingredients has to taste brilliant 😀

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  7. says

    This burger looks fantastic. I had my wisdom teeth removed last August and I did the same thing as you I ate everything and anything before having it done lol. I think I put on 5 pounds knowing that I would lose it and I did :) Eat up and enjoy! I hope you have a speedy recovery and spoon fed milkshakes.

  8. says

    oh no! good luck with the wisdom teeth surgery! you probably don’t want to hear this now, but when i got mine done, i lost 7 pounds and i woke up during my procedure. YEAH. but you’ll be fine :) so many people get this done and it’s always ok! i guess my doc just sucked. anyway, what a great burger to eat before surgery 😉 savor it! wishing you the best of luck!! <3

  9. says

    This is certainly a good way to celebrate your ability to chew before the big day! I wish you a speedy recovery! I think it took me about 4 or 5 days and I was good to go! I also took those 4 days as an excuse to drink as many milkshakes as possible! :)

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