Smoked Pulled Pork

Barbecue brings out the best of us. The family gathers around outside while the smell of smoldering wood or charcoal lingers in the air. Finally the feast is ready and the hungry group becomes primal for a moment and descends upon the food in a silence only broken by satisfied grunts.

It also brings out the worst in people. You know the guy, the guy who wants to stand next to you and tell you exactly how he would be cooking the food. Lucky for you, he isn’t Sadly though, I have noticed this same trend on the internet when it comes to barbecue posts. Sure, any post can have a random comment that is a bit uncalled for, but barbecue seems to just bring out the crazies.

I think its great that people are into grilling. It’s a passion. I get it. I’m pretty big on the whole meat over open flame myself. But, unless my immediate safety was involved, I wouldn’t ever tell another person how to man their grill. I certainly wouldn’t pop over to their blog and tell them how the way they prepared a piece of meat I had never tasted was incorrect. But, people do.

So for the barbecue fanatics out their, I see your knowledge and raise you one hell of a smoked pork.




  1. Pretty big fan of the whole pulled pork myself!! What a way to eat.

  2. Yum this looks so good. I’m with you on the people needing to take it easy on others when it comes to grilling. Sometimes you just have to learn yourself.

    Awesome photos Kita!

  3. Ahhh I just love pulled pork! I need to make my own sometime :)

  4. I’m smiling. I don’t think I tell people what I think they’re doing wrong (do I?) with grilling, but I love to do it myself. What I do look for in a recipe I find is first, brown sugar in the rub and second, part of the rub in the mop sauce. Bingo on both counts with this gorgeous looking bit of smoked goodness. It looks delicious.

  5. Oh my I want that entire plate in my belly right now

  6. Wow, now that’s a great plate! I love pork and your’s looks amazing, especially with those beans on the plate….add some cole slaw and I’m in heaven!

    PS -I checked the post for Bears

  7. awesome. I’ve only made pulled pork with our slow cooker. I need to replace a part of our smoker to be geared up and try things like this.

  8. BBQ is SO dangerous for me! I could eat SO much of it is gross. This looks amazing. I always get pulled pork when I go back to KC to visit!

  9. Holy cow this looks awesome.


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