Slow Cooker Shredded Pork Tacos

You know those friends who call and you know it’s going to be a few minutes but it’s totally worth it? Yeah, we all have one – or a few…

The other day a friend of mine calls me. He has discovered a slug in his living room.

One lone slug…

And he is freaking out.

To be fair, this friend does not like bugs or insects of any sort. Today, that includes mollusks. My friend was worried he should call an exterminator, “but what if there’s a hole in the wall?” To which I replied, “Exterminators don’t fix holes in the wall. That’s what my boyfriend is for.”  To which he explained he has also recently seen several crickets. I had to tell him he has lazy cats and instead should be discussing with them proper pest control procedures.

Then he was concerned his cat maybe ate slug eggs and was now regurgitating fully grown slugs. I’m betting no on that one too. However, this random conversation about this renegade slug that did somehow, in slow motion, make it past 4 cats into the middle of the living room was much needed to break the monotony of the day and was very appreciated. Not to mention, it gave me something to write about.

This friend also happens to be single and looking to cook smarter for himself. I always suggest crock pot or slow cooker recipes for busy people who want to come home to something healthy. And, these kinds of recipes always make big portions, so leftovers and freezing for later are an ad on bonus.

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  1. says

    3-4 chipotles? Hokey smokes….I love the taste of the things, but that sounds like too much for my wimpy mouth. Was it overly hot?

    I’m not even sure how to respond to the slug thing. Dudette tried to be scared of them, but I showed her how you could gently nudge them and make their eye stalks go in and out and now she loves ‘playing’ with them. Maybe that’s all your friend needs?

  2. says

    That is so funny! haha. Your poor friend and seriously those kitties need a good talking to. Polish up those hunting skills! haha

    These tacos look great. I am a huge fan of shredded meats in tacos.

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