Slow Cooker Asian Sliders with Slaw

Slow Cooker Asian Sliders
Every now and again it’s good to humble yourself by totally making an ass of yourself live over the internet to be forever broadcast over Youtube. Only every now and then. Which is exactly what I did last week as part of the G+ Food Bloggers Community¬†#superbowlplus Week of Champions.
First, the Google communities are great and are growing rapidly. As all things with Google, there isn’t much you can’t find on there being discussed and¬†chronicled. But if you should want to host a Hangout you should totally be more prepared then I was or at least bother watching this great clip on how to host a hangout. A few minutes after hosting my first hangout, I watched one of Jenni’s and was blown away by her set up and professionalism – not to mention just how well she conducted herself. I let my forehead hit the floor in shame. But I had such a good time doing it that I will be back for more. Hopefully to erase that first video from Googlebot’s memory and my own nightmares and build a fun little library of new ones.

First topic that comes to mind is a WordPress hangout since I see so many people asking WordPress questions. If you would be interested in this hangout, let me know!
Slow Cooker Asian Sliders

Slow Cooker Asian Sliders

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    You had me at slow cooker, pork and asian flavors – win, win and win in my book :) And now I clearly need to run and watch your Hangout – I’m sure it’s awesome and that you absolutely did not make an ass of yourself!

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    I hate being on webcam, such an awkward feeling! It looks like you did a good job to me! The purple really pops in those sliders, definitely some great colour going on in there!

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    Be still my heart. These sound like the perfect thing to leave in the slow cooker to surprise the husband when he comes home from work. Even if I’m not home, he’ll still have something better to eat than take-out or pizza. You’re a life-saver… as always =)


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