Skillet Rosemary Chicken

There’s something appealing about a one dish meal (to be fair this one needs a pot of boiling water for the potatoes too…). Something magical about a skillet that can get tossed into the oven. And something quite spiffy about delicious hearty dinners at this time of year. Well, being honest, I don’t think there’s a time of year when I wouldn’t skip breakfast or lunch for a good dinner. When all of the above combine, we can take a bite of rosemary scented heaven and relax after a long day.

This is the kind of dinner that could satisfy a hungry family on a weeknight or easily impress guests with minimum effort. However or whoever you want to serve it to, rush off into your kitchen and get this one cooking as quick as you can.



  1. I LOVE rosemary and chicken together!

  2. Beautiful dish! This looks wonderful!

  3. I love a good one dish meal… as well as rosemary and chicken together! YUM!

  4. One pot dishes are so awesome – especially skillet ones – so a home-y feel.

  5. What a gorgeous one-pot dish! It looks healthy, wholesome and incredibly flavorful. Rosemary must be one of my favorite spices ever! I need to get myself a cast-iron skillet, if only I had more space in my tiny one-bedroom apartment kitchen…

  6. This is my kind of meal. Simply gorgeous!

  7. beautiful dish!!!

  8. I need a cast iron pan!!! Or just one that could easily go in the oven. I’m positive our crappy nonstick one won’t due. This looks seriously fantastic. :)

  9. Delicious! Lemon & rosemary are very good friends with potatoes and chicken! I like that this one is a one-pan meal! Yummy!

  10. This looks like a perfect chilly night dinner.

  11. This sounds delicious. And such a great presentation all in the skillet together.

  12. I’ve saved this recipe as it looks really wholesome and perfect for autumn. My skillet hates me though and insists on clinging on to my food – non stick for me I think.

  13. I love rosemary chicken. I bet it’s delicious made like this.

  14. This looks so delicious, Kita! Chicken, lemon, and rosemary is my favorite! I need to get a new cast iron skillet immediately!

  15. Kita! This is exquisite!! Dinner is soooo where its at!

  16. MMM rosemary and chicken. This is a really good one! Dinner is the most important meal of the day to me and all else is merely a vehicle to get me to that point. :)

  17. Magic words! … One Pot. I’m at a blogging low at the moment and that also means a cooking low. This is perfect!

  18. I love rosemary and chicken! Potatoes make it even more perfect!

  19. I made this almost exact dish as a whole roasted chicken on Sunday. Great flavors. I think your method might be a bit more practical as mine took a long time to cook. Purely a weekend dinner.

  20. Printing this recipe right now! It looks amazing and has such great flavours!

  21. I love one dish means and using rosemary and chicken and lemon together!

  22. Your post looks delicious…Will definitely try making since I have never tried cooking chicken with rosemary…

  23. Fabulous Kita! I’m keeping this one on file, it looks like a perfect fall meal.

  24. And I’m pinning it too. :)


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