Sausage Cornbread Stuffing

I know its way early in the season for stuffing, but I don’t care – I am in love with Anne Burrell right now (she’s just so darned cuddly!). I was feeling all down and out so I decided to spend the take taking up time in the kitchen and went a little overboard. There was a smoked chicken, soup, stuffing and dessert (that didn’t photograph for crap – oh, the tastespotting gods love to spite me – haha, its not that I’m just not a crappy photographer).


This stuffing though – o.m.g. Once the aroma of sage and rosemary hit the pan you might as well call it a day because nothing is getting better then that. I will be making this again and again and again. I don’t care how many calories or how fat I get. This is glorious, gluttonous heaven.





Yes, “MMMM…stuffing!” was really part of the recipe.


Don’t get my wrong. I know stuffing in general is pretty basic and that this really isn’t a far stretch from normal, but it really did fill the house with the most amazing aroma that brought fall, winter and all things warm and snugly knocking at my front door.


I work manana, but I am itching to remake the dessert I made the other day and try my hand at some other baked goods this week. I got a wonderful package in the mail (that I bought and paid for) from Bake it Pretty the other day and am trying to try stuff out. Obviously, if it is an epic fail *cough* like that angel food cake *cough* there will be no evidence of it on this page and this part of my post will get caught in an internet fire.

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