Red Velvet Brownies

Red Velvet cake has got to be my number one guilty pleasure. Not sure what it is, but it’s the one dessert I will no pass up – even if that means sacrificing the main course just to make sure there’s room. I know its chocolate cake with food coloring (lots and lots of food coloring) but something magic takes place when the red dye is added and the cake is baked to perfection. I’m 99% sure that something may have a lot to do with red velvets traditional frosting or that magical cream cheese frosting that no one is immune to.

Needless to say, when I spotted these on Runs with Spatulas they went in the file to be made and at the next family get together (the one where daddy wanted red white and blue cupcakes with sparklers and sprinkles. Yeah, no pressure.) these little babies were made. And just in case Danielle was right and they were irresistible, two batches were made.

She was right.


Be weary that these can go from just right to dry in a split second if overcooked and it’s hard to tell for proper doneness with all those gooey chocolate chips hanging out in the brownie pool. In other words, don’t murder the brownies by letting them cook to long.

These brownies were great. They don’t taste like a traditional brownie, so that will throw those brownie purist into a fit, but its not traditional – it’s red velvet. They can stick to plain Jane brownies and we can sit here and eat every last crumb of any variation we can think of… Not that I would do that… Ever… ;)


  1. Heeeyyy … these don’t look as scary as the red velvet cupcakes I’d made. Now these I could get into!

  2. I also have a weakness for red velvet! Looks like your brownies came out delicious!

  3. Must try file for sure! Kita these pictures are what is really sealing the deal for me right now. 6:45am and I’m ready for a pan of brownies. Great. This is going to be a long lonely day.

  4. Red velvet frosting is heavenly and the texture of these looks incredible! If I didn’t have so many cookies in my house I would bake them tonight!

  5. What a fun idea- the brownies look delicious! Like you said, I’ve noticed that red velvet cake can dry out very easily, but yours look perfectly done :)

  6. These look so fudgey and delicious! Great idea of red velvet in brownie form. You pictures are making me very hungry-Yum!

  7. Are you kidding me?!! These look great!! I can’t wait to try them.

  8. These brownies look incredible!! I LOVE red velvet but have never tried brownies! :)

  9. White chocolate on chocalate sounds so great. Of course red dye helps, too. It looks so nice and fudgy.

  10. I’ve made these, too! Aren’t they amazing???? Beautiful photos~

  11. While I don’t do cream cheese, I certainly do red velvet… YUM!

  12. oooh. I want one of these right now. :)

  13. I LOVE red velvet anything but brownies?! WOW, I wish I could try one right now, these look and sound fantastic!

  14. Awesome recipe!! Thank you for sharing!

  15. Red Velvet is my family’s go-to birthday cake. I love this recipe for brownies.

  16. I’ve never seen or heard of the red velvet in the form of brownies. Good idea.

  17. Wow! Red velvet in a brownie! This is brilliant! They look wonderful! : )

  18. Ok, these just sound amazing! I want 3 of them right now! Do you live next door, can I just come over?

  19. Those look awesome! The color of them is perfect and it looks like you cooked them to perfection! They look so fudgy and delicious :D

  20. Red velvet cake is one of my favorites too! These brownies would probably be perfect for me because I’m not a fan of super chocolatey brownies.

  21. Yum! I’m not ordinarily a red-velvet person….but you may just change my mind!

  22. So glad you liked them! And yes, I have one word for them — dangerous.

  23. I love this idea! Great recipe! : )

  24. I love red velvet, I love brownies….this is perfection. Great recipe.

  25. I just baked Red Velvet Brownies this weekend, but they didn’t taste as amazing as I had hoped. I follow Jessica’s blog, so I think I’m going to have to give her brownies a chance. Great job

  26. These look dense and delicious! I love anything in a bar format too.

  27. This is such a great idea! I love red velvet cake and brownies so this is a great combo!

  28. Girl your recipes are dangerously hard to resist.

  29. Red Velvet filled with red dye #40 is probably one of the most unhealthy desserts on the planet. However, it’s one of the most delicious desserts on the planet.

  30. Mmm can’t beat red velvet desserts!! I will take a tray of these please.

  31. Kita this is super gorgeous .. well done on Top 9 :)

  32. Woooooow!! I want the entire pan! I’ll start eating the frosting first and then get into the cake… oh that sounds so good!

  33. My daughter’s 2 favorite treats combined into one. I need to make these perfections with her. Thanks for sharing :))))

  34. Yummy this caught my eye! Can’t wait to give it a try, i’ve never had red velvet cake but always heard wonders! :)

  35. These look FANTASTIC! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  36. These look so tasty- I love the photo next to the recipe! Great shot :)

  37. These velvety brownies are just perfect for me! Love them. The picture looks extrmely tempting, dear! Congrats on being at top 9. Well deserved!!

  38. Congrats on Top 9! Hooray for red dye #40!

  39. Those look great. I’ll bet that icing is delicious.

  40. I totally hear you re: red velvet. I think it’s the cream cheese frosting. So good! These brownies look awesome. But I wonder if they should be called “reddies,” since they’re red, not brown? Somehow “reddies” doesn’t sound quite as cute, though… ;)

  41. Elizabeth B says:

    Thanks! Made this into something new at

  42. I LOVE these, Kita! Gorgeous!

  43. Misty Henderson says:

    I made these today for my husband’s birthday!!! These were delicious, thank you for such a great recipe.

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