Quick Dinner Fixins: Hawaiian Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Image from http://liloandstich.wikia.com/wiki/Stitch_%22626%22Lets all say Aloha! Have your own luau with hula stirts and flower leis while you gather the family around the supper table. Tonights “set it and forget it” dinner is inspired by the flavors of Hawaii and my favorite Disney movie, Lilo and Stitch. Mom and Dad can tuck away some hidden flavor of pineapple and teriyaki while this pork shoulder slow cooks all day and is fork tender and ready to shred just in time for a little family moment. After all, that’s what this is all about! Ohana.

I was probably too old to have the obsession with Lilo and Stitch that I did, but something about that movie connected with me right away. Lilo is quarky in all the right ways and the moment Stitch says he’s lost, I lost it. You can probably catch me quoting some of my favorite lines on any given day and often sneaking a watch when I know no one else will be home.

I served this with a pineapple spiked cole slaw. Leftover pork makes fantastic quesadillas or is an added bonus mixed in leftover macaroni and cheese.


  1. Got a soft spot for Stitch (told you I watched all the movies!!) as I do for great pulled pork sandwiches!

  2. Pulled pork, yum!!!

  3. Ok umm I love EVERYTHING about this recipe, the flavors sound incredible!! If only I was in your kitchen right now! :)

  4. Great looking sandwiches. Love the sweet from the pineapple in there!

  5. Pineapple juice in pulled pork!! Yummmyyyyyyyy…. I just adore the flavors in this recipe! Thank you, Kita!

  6. I love this version … using pineapple juice. I can just imagine the flavors already!
    Oh, hehe, I still watch Lilo & Stitch even at my age.

  7. Shelly in Hawaii says:

    Just curious, what kind of chili sauce is used? Is it the bottle kind like Heinz or the Asian type?(like Rooster sauce)

    • I used regular old Heinz, though I did think long and hard on using an Asian. I just figured for the amount used, my mouth would be on fire if I used a Rooster sauce.

  8. I want to try this but with brisket instead!

  9. Oooo, I LOVE Lilo & Stitch! Beauty And The Beast is my favorite Disney movie, but Lilo and Nemo are close seconds.

    The pulled pork looks wonderful! Pineapple goes so well in bbq sauce and I love the addition of the teriyaki sauce in this.

  10. Yes please, I love some sweetness to my pork!

  11. yum! I’m saving this!

  12. Mike Wascher says:

    That looks good! Makes me wish I were near the Rainbow Drive-in!

  13. Saw this recipe on G+ and had to let you know that these look really good!!! Looking forward to trying!

  14. Christina says:

    How many people does this serve?

    • Honestly, I can’t recall. It made a ton of sliders and I would figure it could feed 8 with sides from loose memory.


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