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Pork and Rice Quesadillas

Quesadillas, stuffed with roasted pork, black beans, cheese and rice. It’s a quick, inexpensive dinner that keeps you full. Emphasis on inexpensive. Because not much else is cheap these days.

Let’s talk politics. Ok, I don’t really have a great debate prepared here, really, I am a little disappointed in something.

I went and applied for college the other day (yes, that’s long over due) and found out I could not get accepted into the program I would like without a health care plan. At the last Google check, approximately 40% of Americans don’t have health coverage. I am a young healthy person. I work at a small shop that can not afford to offer health care for their employees, it would simply cost the business too much (there are only 4 of us).

I also, don’t make enough and am relatively healthy enough to justify the cost of having health care. Now, I don’t believe that means that I get to sit in the ER and not pay my medical bills when I do occasionally get sick. I bear the brunt and pony up the cash, but $80 for an office visit and antibiotic is much less then $100+ every month for a just in case. When it does become mandatory for individuals to have health insurance, I hope I can find a cheap plan that takes care of me, but I wasn’t planning on that quite yet.

I can understand that the school would want their students to have health care for general safety reasons, but that isn’t going to stop anyone from suing if they fall down a flight of stairs because they tripped over a loose wire or something. So I guess I don’t really understand why health care is a prerequisite for being accepted. 🙁

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Either way, I need to get my crap together and get my booty into school.


Back to cooking… What does one do with 4 pounds of leftover pork loin, besides make a whole lot of sandwiches?

One makes pork quesadillas, of course!

Pork and Rice Quesadillas Recipe \\


Pork and Rice Quesadillas \\ Recipe from


These quesadillas were awesomely tasty! I almost didn’t make it because I was feeling lazy and unmotivated, but I am glad I did. Super simple, super quick and a great use of leftovers.

Plus it’s one of those customize-to-fit-your-needs kind of recipes. See we all win!

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P.S. I love my octopus plate. 😀


Monday 22nd of September 2014

I made this today, it was good ,but I like my breads a little more moist. Next time I will try applesauce instead of oil, and more cinnamon & nutmeg.


Monday 4th of October 2010

I could totally eat cheese and bread in any form, especially quesadillas. They're so easy to make and they really fill me up. Your recipe looks delicious. I usually make these Quick Chicken Quesadillas. I love them!

Joseph's Grainery

Thursday 23rd of September 2010

I've been trying to perfect a whole wheat tortilla recipe, so this gives me something fun to use with all the tortillas I've been making. :)


Thursday 23rd of September 2010

These quesadillas look super filling!

And wth is up with having to have health insurance to study something? Very odd.

Wendy (The Local Cook)

Tuesday 21st of September 2010

The recipe looks yummy! I can't figure out why health insurance would be required, that's a bummer. Good luck!