Michael Symon’s Fat Doug Burgers

I have some pastrami and freshly ground beef, can anyone else guess whats about to go down in my kitchen? That’s right, I’m taking on Michael Symon’s famous Fat Doug Burger. Let me tell you, it’ lives up to it’s reputation. And it’s not the pastrami or fresh ground beef that does it, I think the real secret to this drool worthy burger is in the ShaSha Sauce.

Not only is this burger worth its weight in gold, but it officially kicks off my Burger of the Month Club.  While you’re over there lick the screen, no one’s looking. Check it out for yourself, give feedback, and who knows, maybe you’ll even want to participate in the grill action!





  1. –Drools–

    Oh, excuse me. I think my cholesterol intake hit the roof just by looking at it..!

  2. I’m not a huge fan of coleslaw, but every now and then I run into one that I like. I have a feeling this might be one of them! Cannot wait for all the other burgers if this one is just the beginning!

  3. We made this…I remember that we loved it and thought it was amazing and deserved the award it got. No, I didn’t lick my screen, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to.

  4. Dude, that sha sha sauce sounds amazing! I want to put that on everything! And this burger is freaking epic. My measly texican burger is looking very ridiculous now haha

  5. Okay this is one serious burger! I must eat it:) Thanks for sharing. I’m going to pin it to try later.

  6. Srsly, can I come over and have one of these amazing looking burgers RIGHT NOW?! Ugh, these pictures are tormenting me with awesomeness.

  7. You’re killing me, Keets!
    This I gotta have … like, real soon!


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