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Copycat Luna Bars

This week’s Diggin’ it Tuesday is all about taking 5. So shake off the rest of the work week and drama and enjoy:

Lack of cell phone reception.

(That’s right no way to check texts, emails or tweets. And I love it.)

Mountain biking on cold slippery trails

(And being muddy. I’m weird and I love it.)

The leaves that happen to be on mentioned cold slippery trails

Daydreaming about new mountain biking gear… Drooling over friends biking pics and races and stories.

(Yes, it really is my crack.) 

Good company, good entertainment, and a great weekend outside and away from it all.

(Sneaking in more of these weekends from now on.) 

 (Lower Case Blues preforming at the 2012 Mountain Biking Jamboree)


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