Lemon and Parsley Baked Fish

Every now and then Handsome and I get dressed up and go out for a few drinks and nice meal. I’m sure we’re not the only people who like a little time away from reality to just pretend that we can be on a date and not worry about the stress of life. We don’t go out to places that cost hundreds of dollars, that would just be crazy, but we do go to a few restaurants that my father would have made me dress well for as a little girl.

Sad thing is, people don’t ‘dress’ anymore. I look around and I see people in caps, camouflage and sweat pants, children crying, and cell phones being played with. Now, I’m not talking a dash out to Applebee’s on a busy week night, but rather a restaurant that took a lot of time and care in the ambiance and menu. When I’m there I want to get away, even if it’s just for a few hours. And yet the constant hum of electronics of screams of ignored children go undressed. The last time we were out our favorite place, a party of 15 (a bill that would be upwards of $1500 at this particular place) were there for what appeared to be an office party, all except for the woman in sweat pants, the sleeves cut off of her ridiculously sized shirt and her black sports bra (and not so shapely body) were hanging all out there.

Am I old fashioned in thinking some places should still require a dress code? That if your children are running about and screaming you should be asked to quiet them? Or that if you walk in stone cold drunk, loud and obnoxious (at 6:30PM) you should not be served? (True story, that one almost caused a bar fight for the entire restaurant). I think Olive Garden and Applebee’s type chains are one thing. They are family restaurants, but at places where you are breaking out more than a Benjamin, shouldn’t there still be some class? Most of the time, I can cook what’s on the menu for far less than the price I am agreeing to pay. It’s the luxury of being waited on, the environment, and the choice of not having to cook that I am there for. In today’s world, are my expectations too high?

While you chew on that thought (or just get ticked off at me for my outrageous expectations), check out this stellar dish. It is minimal effort and sure to impress. With meals like these, who knows, maybe I’ll just keep making my matini’s at home and saving myself some cash.


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    I agree! Same for opera/theater visits – jeans and sneakers everywhere. True in Germany as much as here.
    The recipe looks fantastic, I love baked fish with lemon slices. :)

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    I so agree with your post. Unfortunately, many people have such a sense of entitlement that they have no respect for the efforts of others and confuse rights with privileges. I loathe going to a fine restaurant and having to deal with obnoxious children and people who can’t dress appropriate to the surroundings. (Sorry, folks. I firmly believe that, If you can buy DVDs and all the other high-tech items, you can afford to slide in a nice outfit for special occasions.) But, to the recipe, this is wonderful and eight hundred times tastier, if done in a solar oven (just sayin’)… come visit when you can.

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    Jeez. Sometimes I think Cayman is a little stoosh cause they still have dress codes and they’ll boot your ass if you’ve got screaming children but then I realize that I don’t HAVE experiences like that when CK and I have a date night. Perhaps the ‘stoosh’ is why :)

    Awesome fish dish! Totally buzzing and bookmarking!

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    This dish does look stellar! I’m with you people don’t dress anymore. Hubby and I went out to a really expensive dinner for our anniversary and literally the person sitting next to me had cargo pants on and a baseball hat. I’m talking there was a guy playing the piano in the restaurant. I told my husband I couldn’t believe how it has become so much more acceptable to not get dressed for a nice dinner. I take Julian to nice restaurants but he’s well mannered and engages in conversation as I am not one of those parents who lets my kid play a video game at the table especially in a nice place.

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    Your fish looks so good, with the right amount of lemon and moist and flavorful. You did well!

    Taylor herself has lamented over disruptive children and the audacity of some people when we go to a nicer restaurant. I would be the first to agree with you. At any nicer restaurant (especially the one that takes our benjamins!) should have a dress code and a higher expectation of behaviors and good ‘ole fashioned etiquette.

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    I spend most of my time (except work) in my yoga pants but I will never make an appearance in a public place without being dressed up 😉
    Love the combinations used in this recipe.. looks very inviting

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    Though we are now in new age and people is no long mind if they are not on their attire. I still prepare to dress up according on what occasion I am going to if it’s formal I make it sure that my attire is formal too. Your baked fish looks great and healthy would love to try this weekend.

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    Sweat pants are definitely not acceptable! And you are definitely not out of line in thinking so =)

    However, I think I would definitely gladly pay for a dish of this fish any day!

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